Pure natural mini Japanese style Zen garden potted Zen dry landscape pine tree potted gift small things zen

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Because the original wooden bowl is completely out of stock, the wooden bowl with the last photo of the product will be used instead. Basically, the size and shape are similar. Please refer to the buyer. If the shape of the wooden bowl is extremely similar to the original wooden bowl, please before placing an order Think twice. In addition, depending on the


Pure natural mini Japanese style Zen garden potted Zen dry landscape pine tree potted gift small things zen


Commodity story: Mini Zen garden potted plants in the woodware, small pine trees standing among them and stone lamps present the artistic conception of dry landscape, making the environment full of Zen style. Commodity use: indoor furnishings or office decoration or gifts Commodity size: bamboo curtain about 10cm x 15cm, woodware diameter 10cm x height 4cm, including plant height about 12cm Commodity materials: plants (pine, moss), stone, pvc stone lamp, white sand, medium, wood, bamboo curtain Precautions: 1. The plant is alive, so it needs sunlight and watering, avoid direct sunlight for a long time 2. The delivery process may cause the merchandise to be arranged out of order (the home delivery situation will be better), and it may need to be adjusted slightly after receipt. In addition, the packaging is multi-layered, so the items other than plants will be laid flat and slightly pressed into the sand (stone lamp) It will not be pressed in, it will be placed separately) to make it more secure, and be careful when unpacking to avoid damaging the plants or overturning the whole thing. You can adjust the item after receiving it. 3. Because it is handmade, the finished product may be slightly different from the photo each time (there may be some slight flaws, perfectionists need to think twice) 4. Plants and moss may replace other similar plants due to lack of stock (each small pine tree is different in density and shape, perfectionists need to think twice) Way of care 1. Plants should not be watered during the day at high temperatures. High temperatures will make the water hot, which is equivalent to simmering the roots 2. Generally, it is best to aerate the water, and the water will not be alkaline and cause poor water permeability of the soil. 3. Too much watering will soak the roots, and proper watering can last for a long time (water 15ml evenly on the surface of the moss every 2 days) 4. The light should be scattered light in full sunlight and placed in a well-ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight and poor ventilation Origin / manufacturing method Handmade in Taiwan


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