French Puff Sleeve Shirt|Shirt|Spring and Summer|Cotton|Sora-270

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French elegance / soft comfort / French style puff sleeves / design full



French Puff Sleeve Shirt|Shirt|Spring and Summer|Cotton|Sora-270


**● About clothing parameters / size**!!112788138.jpg **● About the work** Fabric: 40S cotton The twill combed cotton fabric with the small pointed collar shirt Soft and comfortable, moisture absorbing and breathable Another classic puff sleeve shirt~ Sleeve has always been the design focus of this shirt Falling shoulder sleeves, the arc just fits the human arm Draw small pleats at the shoulder line of the falling shoulder The silhouette will show the feeling of puff sleeves Then draw small pleats at the cuffs Up and down echoes, tightened up and down Presenting the look of the lanterns French-style sleeves with romantic vintage add a touch of elegance and casualness Delicate round neck The chest threshold has been overlapped Slim and difficult to penetrate And this puff sleeve is the design of the sleeve. No stress in spring and summer Looks like a literary and retro with a dark half skirt With the vest skirt, it shows the French elegance. :)!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg **● About washing method** Hand wash / dry cleaning, natural drying **● About the precautions** The color of the clothes in the shooting may be affected by the sun, the light, etc., causing a certain color difference between the picture and the real object. Please refer to the picture details and the actual object for the color of the clothes. **● Model** Height: 165cm Weight: 46kg Waist circumference: 66cm Try on: S code **● About notes** All the products in the design hall are independently designed, including the selection of fabrics, accessories, running factories, etc., all of which are personally designed. The fabrics used are mainly natural and environmentally friendly fabrics. We will re-seal the packaging before the clothes are shipped. If you have any questions about the clothing, you can contact us~ **● About shipping time** In the case that the clothes are in stock, we will help you ship in 1-2 days. Because our clothes are made in small batches, sometimes we will encounter the current batch of clothes sold out, and the next batch will be made in the processing factory. In this case, we will finish the production in the processing factory and pass our quality. After the test, we will help you to ship. The waiting time for shipment is about 5~14 days. If you have any questions about the shipping time after ordering, you can contact us for confirmation. **● About transportation** Taiwan can receive products approximately 7 to 10 days after shipment under normal conditions. Except for the peak period of international transportation, the delivery time may increase during peak hours. All mailed products will be transported to the airport first, then aired to the mailing destination, and will be transferred to the local transportation company for delivery. Friends in places in Taiwan can also choose "Shunfeng Express" to mail, so the transportation speed will be faster (about 3 days), but the freight will be relatively expensive, you need to make up the difference. Hong Kong defaults to SF Express mailing. Products can be received 2-3 days after shipment. The address of the recipient is the industrial and commercial area, and Hong Kong friends who have received more than one week of arrival can also choose the ordinary mailing method, and the price is more favorable than SF. Friends who choose to send ordinary mail can contact us in advance. ※ Transportation to Taiwan's Outer Islands (Wuhu, Mazu, Kinmen, Lianjiang, Outlying Islands, Xiaolanyu) transportation companies will charge extra shipping charges. Please contact us before the island friends place an order. **● Origin / manufacturing methods** Continental × made with heart


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