[The best choice for Christmas gifts] The Moai stone statue can be customized in English

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Nai ~ su looking at me? In addition to healing, the classic Moai stone statues are not only healed, but also add interesting features, create a variety of hairstyles, and provide English names and digital customization!


[The best choice for Christmas gifts] The Moai stone statue can be customized in English


__Dumdum just only for you!__ __Moai is only for you / you!__ Moai stone statue can be customized "English name" and "anniversary day number"! Add a funny hairstyle to add fun to the dumdum poker face! Definitely the best choice for gifts 👍👍👍 **⚠️ Please note in the remarks column after placing an order** **❶▸ Custom English letters or numbers (within 10 characters)** **❷▸Date of receipt** ** (There are many orders for Christmas season. If there is no special note date, we will mainly arrange the shipping time, please familiarize yourself.) __**[Gift box plus purchase area-Christmas packaging. Birthday packing]**__ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QnCf6YnQ Gift boxes are available for purchase, free Merry Christmas black card or birthday greeting card (please note if necessary, no additional note will not be included) If you need an exclusive custom blessing card, you can buy another 20 yuan (Congratulations, please note when ordering or private designer) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/AEzQpuLJ __**〔Product Specifications〕**__ Size: length 8cm x width 6cm x height 10cm Color: -Simple gray (two shades. Random shipment) -Sakura pink -sky blue -Goose yellow -Orange coffee __**〔Plant Type〕**__ ❀Succulents: Stone lotus, rabbit ears, shrek ears, twelve scrolls ... ❀Cactus: Mickey Mouse, Xingdou, Jin Huang, Wanzhong Mountain, Emei Mountain ... ❀Indoor plants: Tigertail Orchid Due to the Christmas season, plants are mainly designed by designers, and random shipments are not specified. __**[Before You Buy]**__ ▸ The succulents are shipped randomly. Do not pick models. If you have a favorite model and a dislike model, you can remark or send a private message to the designer. If there is no remark, it will be based on the designer. ▸ Moai pots are hand-made. The surface may be unevenly coated and air bubbles are normal. Perfectionists do not place orders. ▸ Customization takes 5-7 days, sorted by order. ▸ Customized products are custom-made, and refunds are not accepted. If it is an external factor: such as damage during shipping, please contact us immediately and we will compensate as soon as possible. __**〔Shipping precautions〕**__ ▸ We attach great importance to the quality of our products. In order to avoid damage caused by strong impacts during transportation, the inner packaging is mainly protected by anti-shake to reduce the risk of damage. ▸ There are still risks in the logistics and transportation process. Sometimes it is impossible to predict the road conditions and the conditions that occur during the transfer process. It is inevitable that small stones will fall out of the assembled pot, please forgive me! Unless the pots and plants are severely damaged, please inform us immediately and let us deal with them as soon as possible. • Our delivery has always been based on "Black Cat House Delivery", which is the best evaluation of our current guests for your reference. (Recommended for containing potted plants) • Super-delivery products will be thrown and dropped. There is no guarantee that the product will be safe. It is suitable for single sale of cement pots, cement bases, dry flower houses, and not suitable for potted plants. __**〔International Shipping Precautions〕**__ • Plant import regulations are different in each country. Please check the phytosanitary control before ordering, and whether it can be sent to prevent the product from being returned. **[Logistics Delivery Days]** ✅Super Business Pickup -Shipping by DIY package -Delivery time: 3 days 寄 Mail -Shipping by DIY package -Delivery time: 1-2 days Black Cat Home Delivery -As shown, complete potted plants are sent out -Delivery time: within 24 hours (the black cat house is closed on Sundays, so it will be delivered on Saturdays. The goods will be received on Mondays) __immediate effect to 12/25 to celebrate Christmas Deals surface transport activities, over the whole museum shop to shop and mailing shipped free, black Delivery not provide free transport, if you want to send home delivery, please purchase additional add this link__: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/FtAqAssB


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