[New Year Flash Free Shipping] 140ml Jam + Red Wine Dried Fruit Spice Pack Spring Festival New Year Gift Box

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Fruit Man [Spring Festival New Year Gift Box]: 140ml jam x 1 can, red wine dried fruit spice pack x 2 packs (or spice pack x 1 pack + sweet orange dried fruit x 1 pack), Chinese New Year design girdle packaging gift box, exclusive for New Year Wine red handbag.


140ml x 1


[New Year Flash Free Shipping] 140ml Jam + Red Wine Dried Fruit Spice Pack Spring Festival New Year Gift Box


**🆓 Only four days! This gift box 1/16 ~ 1/20 Taiwan unconditional flash free shipping discount** **🔸01/13 ~ 02/02【Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao full free shipping】🔸** **Taiwan over NT$1100; Hong Kong and Macau over HK$350 to enjoy free shipping** **🎊 Selling nearly a thousand packs [Jam + Red Wine Dried Fruit Spice Pack Gift Box]** **🍷 A must-have for visiting friends, gatherings and parties, easily cook mulled wine and enjoy** **🍓 Strictly select local fruits and ingredients in Taiwan to seal the beautiful flavors of the four seasons** **🎁 2021 Spring Festival New Year design and packaging, generous gifts and rich texture** **🛍 Comes with an exclusive wine red bag, which makes it convenient for you to give gifts** This gift box can choose: jam + red wine spice bag x 2 bags https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50833665778_ededc3b133_k_d.jpg _ Or you can choose: jam + red wine spice bag x 1 bag + sweet orange fruit x 1 bag https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50834485992_a589b40440_k_d.jpg _ The fruity man carefully selects local fruit ingredients and slow-cooked hand-made jams. Each bite is full of flesh and rich in flavor. There are no added preservatives, pectin, or a bunch of chemicals that you can’t understand. It is made only with fruit and sugar. I like to try adding vanilla spice or wine occasionally to seal up the unique fruity flavor of each season. Hope Let jam into everyone's table life. Last year’s Christmas gift exchange sold nearly a thousand packs of red wine dried fruit spice packs. In this New Year’s gift box, we adjusted the packaging so that it can be matched with jam to form a set of rich and generous gift boxes! In the cold weather like the New Year's Day, it is best to sip a glass of mulled wine slowly, whether it is a warm drink before going to bed, or boil it to share with friends at a gathering. Mulled Wine is a warm wine with different spices and fruit slices added to the red wine heated in a pot. We have been promoting the boiled mulled wine at the market for several years in winter. Every time the guests finish drinking, they are full of praise, and continue to continue. Now we help you prepare the material kits, because we know that many people do not have so many different spices in their homes, so now,**you need to do Only by buying a bottle of red wine, you can cook a pot of mulled wine quickly and easily.** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50834407601_384ab2f0eb_k_d.jpg _ **Do not drink alcohol when underage. Do not drive after drinking** **🔸This gift box contains:** **. 1 jar of 140ml jam** **. Red wine dried fruit spice pack x 2 packs (1 pack can cook a bottle of red wine)** **or** **Red wine dried fruit spice pack x 1 pack + sweet orange dried fruit x 1 pack (1 pack of 5 pieces)** **. 1 new year exclusive wine red handbag** **. Introduction to the way of preserved jam and dried fruit DM** **. Step-by-step recipe for pot cooking mulled wine with spices** Gift box size: length 21.5 x width 13.5 x height 6 (cm) 🔹 If you have other gift-giving purposes (such as birthdays, weddings, thank you... etc.) and do not want to use the Lunar New Year design girdle as packaging, please contact us by private message. **🔸Jam flavor introduction:** 👍🏻 ➡ It is recommended that this flavored jam can be added to drinking water, sparkling water, and tea together with sweet orange fruit **❐ Earl Orange and Apple Jam**👍🏻 Carefully remove the orange pulp one by one, add diced apples and golden jujube skins to bring out the sweetness of fresh fruits with the overnight candies. When boiled the next day, add some earl grey tea to enhance the flavor, and the citrus aroma will be raised to another level. Every bite is full of pulp, which is very suitable for tea in autumn and winter. Ingredients: orange, sugar, apple, golden date, lemon juice, earl grey tea **❐ Classic Strawberry Jam**👍🏻 In winter every year, you can't miss the sweet and red strawberries. Fresh strawberries delivered directly from Taiwan's Dahu Agricultural Production and Sales Team are selected. Keeping the whole strawberry fruit without breaking it is to let everyone eat the whole strawberry and cook it in batches over multiple days to preserve all the color and fragrance of the strawberry. Ingredients: Taiwanese strawberries, sugar, lemon juice **❐ Mint Pepper Strawberry Jam**👍🏻 Using classic strawberry jam as the base, adding some grated colorful peppers and mint leaves, you may not feel it particularly when you first eat it, but if the tip of your tongue is ground to these spices, the cool and spicy taste seems to conflict , The entrance is very harmonious. In recent years, the purchase rate has surpassed the classic strawberry, so try it! Ingredients: Taiwanese strawberries, sugar, lemon juice **❐ Passion Fruit Pineapple Jam**👍🏻 Taiwan's most representative pineapple, cut into small cubes, mix in fresh passion fruit and sugar, soak overnight and then cook. The sweet and sour taste makes the tip of the tongue fully feel the two local tropical island flavors from Taiwan. It is a very basic and versatile flavor. Ingredients: pineapple, passion fruit, sugar, lemon juice **❐ Whiskey Caramel Walnut Banana Jam** The home-boiled whiskey caramel is cooked into jam with ripe bananas, and then mixed with walnuts. It is perfect for spreading on toasted hot toast or with ice cream. **This product contains walnuts and should not be eaten by people allergic to nuts** Ingredients: Banana, sugar, whiskey, walnut, lemon juice **❐ Ma Gao Navel Orange Jam**👍🏻 The flavor comes from the mountains and seas of Taiwan, using fresh navel oranges from the Taitung Donghe Mountains in the season. They are grown on farm-friendly land. The fruit is sweet and juicy and can only be eaten every winter. We carefully removed the peel and pulp of the navel orange, together with the Shan Caimao from Xinyi Township, Nantou, with a hint of lemon aroma, which enhanced the flavor of the whole jam! Ingredients: Taitung navel orange, granulated sugar, lemon, horse tea **❐ Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea Matcha** Simmer it on a low fire for more than two hours to achieve the mellow taste of this small bottle. The thick milk aroma blends with the fragrance of bergamot, and it is baked on the bread for a while, and the aroma of tea is overflowing. **✲ This product contains milk. People who are allergic to dairy products should not consume it.✲** Ingredients: Taiwanese dairy farmers' fresh milk, fresh cream, sugar, earl grey tea **❐ Taiwan green tea latte spread** Taiwan is good, we all know. The green tea grown in Emei Township, Hsinchu City is selected. After the fresh tea leaves are killed by high temperature, the tea powder maintains the emerald green color. The tea has a strong fragrance without bitterness. It is simmered for more than two hours on a low fire for a long time, and it is concentrated into a green tea latte with a smooth texture of milk. **✲ This product contains milk. People who are allergic to dairy products should not consume it.✲** Ingredients: Taiwanese dairy farmer's fresh milk, fresh cream, sugar, Taiwanese steamed green tea powder **❐ Sweet orange dried fruit** Fresh sweet oranges are carefully selected and cut into slices by hand. A sweet orange can only be cut into about 5 slices. It is pure natural without added sugar or preservatives, and has no bleaching or color enhancement. It is baked at low temperature for 36 hours to retain its color and flavor. Whether it is simply adding drinking water, sparkling water, or tea, it is very suitable. In addition, adding some jams we recommend can also add flavor! **❐ Red wine dried fruit spice bag** Contents: dried apple fruit, dried orange fruit, cloves, star anise, nutmeg, coriander seeds, red pepper diced, Japanese three warm sugar, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder (will be packaged separately), and a small recipe for boiling red wine **Jam capacity:**140ml ±5 x 1 can **Weight of red wine dried fruit spice bag:**70g ±5 **Dried fruit weight:**15g ±3 x 1 pack (1 pack of 5 pieces) **Preservation method of jam/spread/dried fruit:** **Unopened:**Jam/Normal temperature and cool for six months Spread the sauce/refrigerator for three months Dried fruit / room temperature and cool for three months **opening:**Be sure to keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible within one month When eating, please use a clean and dry utensil to pick it up, so as not to spoil the jam! **🎁 For more New Year and Spring Festival gift box proposals, please click: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/kudamonodanshi 🎁** **______** **About Fruit Eater** ** ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄** **We are two men from Taichung. We will use our catering and design backgrounds to use fruits as the main ingredients in the fruit men's brand. We use local seasonal fruit ingredients, carefully wash each fruit repeatedly, and make jam by hand, which is pure natural and no other chemicals are added.** **The French jam method is used to preserve a large amount of pulp and sugar before being boiled for one day. It is good at adding different spices to create a rich taste. Although the production process is cumbersome, I believe that every time I see your favorite expression when you try it, you can feel our intentions. The design and packaging is also based on calmness, and I hope that it will be decent whether it is eaten or given away.** https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2886/33249865894_e10749eeae_z.jpg **Place of Origin and Manufacturing Method**: Taiwan, handmade


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