Seven days trip 2020 calendar lucky bag (monthly calendar, cloth bag, buckle, paper tape, pencil ...)

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"If the memory is a can, I hope that this can will not expire." "Chongqing Forest" Fan Yun attempted to start a memory project with a memo calendar to create a canned food that will not expire and be distributed on the "2020"


Seven days trip 2020 calendar lucky bag (monthly calendar, cloth bag, buckle, paper tape, pencil ...)

商品説明 **2020. Mortal series. Seven days trip memory calendar. Lucky bag** "I do n’t know when it will start. Everything has a date on it. Saury will expire, meat sauce will expire, and even cling paper will expire. I began to wonder if there is anything in this world that will not expire. "?" Chongqing Forest " **No.** Even the memory itself cannot escape the fate of expiration and usher in oblivion. However, because of oblivion, we will filter out those precious things from all the things we experience and save them in our own way. **"If the memory is a can, I hope that this can will not expire."** As a result, Fan Yun tried to start a memory project with a memo calendar to create a can that will not expire, and distributed it in the "2020" train. In the age of watching the date and time on a mobile phone, the time of a traditional calendar or just something to help you memorize. It's easy to forget that we tear pages off day after day and then forget the existence of the calendar. But we keep the traditional calendar display, remove taboos, and discard the inherent date restrictions. Fill in your own day, what is suitable for today: unknown, what good thing: unknown, The content of each calendar is different, just scrape it if you want to know. Life is full of unknown and casual. **Two weeks one planet.** Complete the two-week journey and tear off the cards below, each of which can form a small planet that can be drawn and painted. Your memory is a universe; the words of mortals can also make every mortal star out of the dust. **2020, a journey of seven concubines, mortal calendar.** **Resist memory with memory, and filter memory with memory.** **◑ Lucky bag contents include:** ㊐ Day to month. Font aviation cloth bag / 1 Single sale link: ㊊ 2020. Memory Planet Portable Calendar / One Single link: ㊋ Colours of eyes Laser Silver Card / 1 ㊌ Mortals have clouds; Written sentences and paper tape / 1 roll ㊍ Mortals have clouds; Black wood pencil / 1 ㊎ Limited edition. Memory Universe Canned Pins / 1 ㊏ More than space letter / envelope / 1 ✦ Galaxy Daily. Notes Calendar Instruction Manual / 1 手 Hand-stitched silver sulfate paper bag / 1pc ✦ Can write words * gift box packaging ◐Calendar Specifications . Size: 24.5cm x 14cm x 1.6cm double-sided printing . Pages: 42P . Paper Selection: Special Jazz Black Card Case / Inner Page 250 lb Special Super Sensitive Paper . Printing: spot color silver / hot silver / black and white printing . Process: Magnet seat type / Gray silver lanyard / Tear paper process / Scrape silver process . Material: Paper / Metal / 3mm Grey Silver Triple Strand / Wood . Origin: Hong Kong The backboard is made of pure wood pulp native paper, which increases the overall thickness. In addition to wall hanging and strapping, the hardcover of the shell strengthens the base, and the triangle shape makes the calendar a dual function as a desk calendar. The portable 45P January volume, using paper with writing to create a time series space, to record and transmit every period of time in the world, every time, imagine that in such a dark border world, we can also penetrate the dense fog and find each other. The calendar for calendars uses the name of the Seven Stars, which is the Seven Star Altar: ㊐ ㊊ ㊋ ㊌ ㊍ ㊎ ㊏ 七个 Seven Star Gods. 记录 Day record: 36P (for January) . Monthly record: 1P . Week record: 1P . Space Mortal Card: 1P . Shui Reverse Card: 1P . Month memo: 1P . Time train ticket: 1P Each can be individually torn off into two parts. ◓The memo card above can be used as a single poster to write notes; Below the ◒ is the scraping process of Yihejiji every day. Remove the lower card and the paper model is on the back. Every 14 photos can form a writable planet, **2 weeks 1 planet.** **限量 The special lucky bag is on sale, while stocks last.** ◐ Brand introduction ◐ **Fan Yun's design "every cloud"-"everyone has a cloud" is the words of mortals and the beginning of creation.** Looking up at the universe, listening to the voice of society and respecting life, I look forward to the design as a small pipeline looking at the Ukiyo. Everyone is not necessarily the Prometheus who discovered the kind of fire, but time will always be engraved with dreams and imaginations, which have become or are not yet, and become free people in the country of inspiration.


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