Food test sauce dish set

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● Flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, and beakers are new choices for gifts for personal use! ● Deep and shallow design, sauce dish is like a canvas on the dining table ● A must for scientific people! Science is indispensable in daily life


Food test sauce dish set

商品説明 Let science come into you and your life Since the first humans tried to eat animals that were roasted by fire, The kitchen has become the most experimental place. We now have an unparalleled culinary experience at the table, These are the results of thousands of combinations of ingredients, varied cooking methods, and bold challenges that people have tried in the past. In order to pay tribute to this great laboratory, Mr. Sai Science Factory has specially designed a special sauce test saucer set! In terms of modeling, we convert 3D volumetric flasks, conical flasks and beakers into 2D modeling as if they were flattened. The hidden depth design makes it even more visually as if it is filled with chemical liquid when it is filled with sauce! Not only that, but this kind of depth design makes the layering effect of sauces with different specific gravities when blending, It's like God is adjusting the colors of the universe! We hope that this kind of kitchen experiment spirit can be extended to the dining table of every family along with the test sauce dish group. Please use your creativity freely, don't worry about any mistakes, boldly deploy your own exclusive formula; Another great dining table adventure will soon be realized at your home table. I hope you and your family at the table have a good time! Now, enjoy the fun of photo three meals creation with us. Flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, and beaker shapes are new choices for gifts for personal use! What you think of experiment means rigorous, careful control of the minute between the cold scales, and no error is allowed. Food is your day-to-day experiment, unexpectedly carried out in your daily life. We transform the cold glass instruments in the laboratory into ceramic sauce dishes with temperature, The lines of the beaker combined with the warm and moist texture of the ceramics take the experiment away from the frame of the laboratory and into life. The depth design, the sauce dish is like a canvas on the dining table. As the water level of the beaker gradually rises, the inside of the saucer presents a slope, While pouring the sauce, the sauce is rendered from the bottom to the top. In different depths, the gradual color of the sauce is particularly charming. In addition, when dipped in spicy oil or oil vinegar, the oil and moisture layer caused by different materials presents an interesting phenomenon on the test sauce dish. A must for scientific people! Science is indispensable in daily life Ke Qing is in charge! Keqing spirit is always impossible to show? Mr. Sai brings your curiosity about science in work and class into life, and it is also constantly online at the table! A set of food test sauce plates has three styles: a square beaker, a triangular flask and a round flask. Use them to make your own sauce, a food test that belongs only to you and your taste buds. Release your scientific soul A. Cooking lovers, don’t miss any good opportunities to show off at the table. For B.IG addicts, it is easy to take beautiful photos with the number of praises. C. Restaurant owner, if you want to be a punch-in restaurant, you can rely on it! D. Home decoration control, you who pursue the quality and interest of life. E. Lei teammates in the friend group, you can never buy decent gifts. F. Mr. Sai is an avid fan of all science-related products. # Are you any of the above? You may need a set of test sauce dishes to release your scientific soul. Decrypt the golden ratio After countless scale adjustments, the precise tilt angle makes the inside of the dish a perfect bevel, creating a charming picture of gradual sauce. Nationally certified safe container Through the SGS food container safety inspection, while enjoying the fun of the table, Mr. Sai will help you ensure that you are eating at ease! Product specifications: ► Product size: Flask: H90*W65*15mm Erlenmeyer flask: H90*W70*15mm Beaker shape: H80*W65*15mm ► Material: ceramic ► Manufacturing location: China Precautions: ► Be careful of fragile when using ► The ceramic dishes are all glazed by hand. Tiny pores and some surface glaze protrusions are normal, but they will not affect the use of the cup. If you are a perfectionist, please think twice before buying!