Cupid acorn cupid wooden diffuser bottle

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Oak fruit is regarded as a symbol of "Love is firm and lasting" It blesses lovers for their timeless and unwavering love We will turn each embracing eye contact between couples and parting words into this design concept of diffused wood Take the acorn as the appearance of romantic love and perseverance, and name it Acorn Cupid Cupid



Cupid acorn cupid wooden diffuser bottle


Cupid presents more than a bottle It's also the bond and miss between people Only the combination of wood and aroma can completely convey the emotional temperature Combined with natural plant essential oils, Cupid not only looks healed, but also exudes aroma **Without adding any essential oils or fragrances, Cupid itself has only a light woody fragrance and no other flavor!** **Acorn Cupid** The cutest diffuser partner Full wood diffuser bottle from Taiwan Commemorate every warm moment with fragrance **The birth of Cupid** Greek mythology Roman Cupid is one of the gods in charge of the oak tree The oak fruit is regarded as a symbol of "love is firm and lasting" It represents strength and pride At the same time, I wish lovers timeless and unwavering love We meet each other's embracing eyes between couples The design concept of this diffused wood Take acorn as the appearance of romantic love and perseverance, and name it as Acorn Cupid Cupid **Inspiration from the forest** The design concept lies in the experience and thought of the original forest, how to bring the beauty in the forest closer to people. We use the cutest fruit representative in the woods to design a stunning diffuser bottle. **Focus on details** Made of North American walnut and maple wood, using a patented wood screw structure in the center to lock the upper and lower covers We have made special treatments on the lacquered surface, and the multiple times of frosting and filling make the surface smooth and detailed like a piano touch **Trademark patent** The products have been applied for patents at home and abroad without worrying about counterfeiting and counterfeiting. **Write your life aesthetics with texture** Cupid is suitable for small spaces such as cars, offices, bathrooms, etc., adding some romantic fragrance to the interior. **Easy operation and easy completion** We set up a diffuser wood inside Cupid, as long as the essential oil is dripped into its diffuser tank, it can emit a light fragrance from the upper cover. The entire process of adding essential oils takes only 30 seconds, which is fun and simple. Drip 5-8 drops for 10-15 days, which is ideal for essential oil lovers. **For the diffuser structure, we have a better approach** In the past, the diffused wood will directly expose the odor to the air and cause the essential oil to evaporate quickly in a short time. We designed the internal screw structure, using the upper and lower covers to lock the odor, so that the fragrance has been spread for several days. --------------------------------------------- **Natural plant essential oil from Grasse, France** Cooperation with a century-old essential oil manufacturer Provide the purest plant extract essential oil Every drop has pure French blood Through multiple inspection and analysis for the peace of mind of each customer The following are the essential oils we provide to match Cupid and relief bottle **Precautions** __This product is pure natural essential oil and cannot be applied directly to the skin__ __Please place in a dry and cool place, avoid exposure to sunlight or strong fluorescent lamps__ __Pregnant women and young children should be diluted below 1% and consult a doctor__ __If there is any discomfort and allergies after use, please stop using it immediately__ __Please keep it out of the reach of children__ ■**Geranium Geranium** The aroma is elegant and charming, the taste is floral and mild Used to spread incense to create an atmosphere of love while increasing the texture of the environment. ■**Lavender** The taste from heaven is a popular essential oil The fragrance is more exciting than real lavender, it can calm down and is very suitable for spreading. ■**Rosegrass Palmarosa** The scent has a sense of unrestrained lemongrass while maintaining elegance. With a slight rose breath, it can calm the restless mood. ■**Lemon Lemon** Lemon essential oil has anti-depressive and immune-enhancing effects. In addition, it can relieve stimulation, improve concentration, invigorate the spirit, refresh the mind and help deal with problems decisively. ■**Mentha** Peppermint essential oil can effectively relieve headaches caused by mood and stress. Relieve nasal congestion caused by allergies, and refresh your mind. ■**Eucalyptus Eucalyptus** The unique scent can ease your mood and also help your body and mind smooth. At the same time, Eucalyptus essential oil can also improve allergy symptoms. ■**甜橙 Orange Sweet** One of the essential oils extracted from the peel of sweet orange, which has a fresh smell and has a calming effect. Sweet orange essential oil can drive away tension and stress, and improve insomnia caused by anxiety.


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