[The third wave of pre-orders] Classic 143 glasses set·SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan taste everyday

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[70th Anniversary Limited] SNOOPY Meets Local・Pinkoi Original original product series


[The third wave of pre-orders] Classic 143 glasses set·SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan taste everyday


**[70th Anniversary Limited] SNOOPY Meets Local・Pinkoi Original original product series** Step into the life of Taiwanese, let Peanuts character taste the beautiful daily life hidden in the details. Pinkoi takes the most representative everyday objects as the concept of thinking, and works hand in hand with craftsmen to create. Combining the bitterness of life, and embellishment with SNOOPY's tender sweetness, to create a joint cultural selection that is closest to Taiwanese children! **This product is [pre-ordered product], the number of pre-orders in each wave is limited, and the waiting time is longer**, you need to confirm before placing an order! The first wave of pre-orders: shipments starting from 11/4 The second wave of pre-orders: shipments will start from 12/10 The third wave of pre-orders (adopting 143 cups to change the table and be more authentic!): Shipments will be launched on January 7, 2021 --------- **|SNOOPY Safe Charm Limited・Add-on Purchase|** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50562844972_35655ed09a_z.jpg Every time when going out to travel or something big or small happens, Taiwanese always go to the palace and temple to ask for a peace sign, for safety and peace of mind. In this original series, the three primary colors of Qizhi bag are specially selected to replace the common red-based Ping An amulet. It also has a Taiwanese flavor. Four different punch lines with four patterns correspond to the different ups and downs in life, bringing you more good luck! When purchasing Peanuts designated co-branded products, you can purchase a limited Taiwan-flavored safety charm at an additional price of NT$50, and collect 4 limited safety charm series together!**/ Limited quantity, while stocks last! The safety symbol is shipped randomly, the style cannot be specified/** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50562667216_29eea2870e_z.jpg --------- **[The third wave of limited merchandise, more Taiwanese, more authentic, double Taiwanese flavor, 143 hot fried cups]** Due to the epidemic situation, the glasses of the round-mouth beer mug set originally imported are out of stock in Taiwan (tears) We have asked countless glass factory masters, but there is still no way to find the same style... But, knowing that everyone is waiting and calling enthusiastically, I hope to re-list the beer glass group! After we discussed and looked for cooperative brands back and forth, we found Taiwan's "Spring Pond Glass" to start a new beer mug group cooperation. This time I chose the authentic Taiwanese 143 cups (yes, it is the kind that is common in hot-shopping shops!) Starting from the third wave of pre-orders, under the same design and packaging, the glass set will be changed to 143 cups in cooperation with Chunchi Glass. Although the waiting time is long, it is also worthy of careful collection. **More stage, more authentic, more exciting! Hope you will like it too.** **Reminder**: The examples of the product photos are all examples of original styles, the third wave of pre-ordered products will be changed to 143 cups, and you can place an order after confirmation! Taiwan taste has the beauty of Taiwan taste, mellow and mellow are good, no matter which style, when you receive the goods, I hope you all like it. --------- **Pinkoi x SNOOPY Limited Collaboration** **SNOOPY Meets Local Taiwan Flavor Everyday・Glass Set** Cheers! Feel the temperature of the daily hot frying cup It is a beer glass, but also a daily drink cup. During festivals and gatherings, say "Cheers!" and "Cheers!" to friends and family. When you go to work or go home to relax, drink the blank time suitable for this short period of time. Pinkoi combines Taiwan's classic 143 cup shape, using red and green to reproduce the Taiwanese flavor. Simple retro cups, incorporating the classic elements of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, embellish every day in life. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50493537701_e59e16a75f_b.jpg Collect 2 classic cups + Snoopy Taiwan fruit box at once, and revisit the familiar Taiwanese flavor. "Cheers!" Snoopy Cup "Cheers!" No matter where I heard it in Taiwan, I felt cordial. "Bottoms up!" Charlie Brown Cup "Cheers, I'm free." The warmest celebration comes from the most local words. **Thinking box. Homesick. Taiwanese** The fruit box filled with the mailing address carried Wanglai, oranges and watermelons from the south to the traditional fruit market in Taipei. Regardless of whether the weather is rain or the sun, the fruit box is practical and durable, just like the grass-roots personality of the Taiwanese, with more tenacity. It's like when you move house, you always have to get fruit boxes from the market. The thick cardboard boxes carry the beijing sustenance of Taiwanese children. No matter how hard life is, it will still face forward. Pinkoi pays tribute to the classic fruit box design, allowing the carton to carry the local flavor of hometown, combined with the expression of Snoopy holding a drink and closing his eyes and thinking, so that the bitter life will also bring a little sweet luck. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50506190442_3c5bf37225_k.jpg **[First and second wave limited products, daily 143 glasses]** **The first wave, the second wave, daily wine glass material-the beauty of a round beer glass, only you can understand** SNOOPY Meets Local・Pinkoi Original original product series, especially Ocean Glass glass products. Ocean Glass is one of the largest glassware manufacturers in Asia. It is committed to designing glassware with high practicality and high quality, and its excellent quality has won the international market. The accreditation, and obtains ISO 9001 approved certification factory. Contents|Desktop hot cup / beer mug / 143 cc glass x 2 Size|6.5 x 8.6 cm Capacity|180 ml Material|Glass, two-color printing Origin|Thailand production / Taiwan processing production ------------------ **Reminder:**This product is [pre-ordered product], each wave of pre-ordered quantity is limited, the waiting time is longer**, you need to confirm before placing an order! The first wave of pre-orders: shipments starting from 11/4 The second wave of pre-orders: shipments will start from 12/10 The third wave of pre-orders:**will be shipped from January 7, 2021** ---------


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