CARRIEME Kaili Mi | sense of water moisturizing cream _ look forward to happy time box

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CARRIEME Kaili Mi | sense of water moisturizing cream _ look forward to happy time box


Body lit aperture

Skin with love, like a heartbeat tears laughter, happiness is not luxury, elegance is to let you have the best gift, happiness and travel while allowing you to experience the heart of power.

Super supple! perfect! Double-effect miracle
Double-effect relationship wonders how to treat a woman and a man? To others fall in love with you, you have to love yourself to be more perfect, expect water sense Cream immediately lit aperture of your beautiful skin, skin moisturizing water, especially adding argan oil from Germany, the use of multi-level absorption, so skin sense of water every day, every day felt.
Cream expect sense of water, to give you cardiac care, cardiac care.

1 | osmotic water retention during the day, night intensive repair.
2 | Strong netted moisture so that the skin to maintain moisture at full level.
3 | skin marked with the spotlight over the water so that the skin is no longer needed can bloom charming beautiful skin mode confidence.

45-degree angle tear the package, remove the amount of water being expected Cream, massage gently along the skin texture from the inside out to Cream absorbed.

No added:
No synthetic fragrances | no added alcohol | no PEG emulsifiers | no synthetic esters

3ml × 18 package (expect water sense Cream)

Sense of water every day, every day felt

Eliminate the skin surface work, the implementation of double-effect water lock.
Start muscle at the end moisturizing, effective against dry muscle.
Around the clock to maintain the skin shiny and moving.

Natural hydraulic lock, daily moisturizing.

Organic hyaluronic acid - composed by the multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid molecules to the surface of the skin moisture lock water, hyaluronic acid molecules in the skin to help capture more moisture to improve the moisturizing power, small molecule hyaluronic acid to help moisturize the bottom.
Switzerland AQUARICH® (high bypass water) - Black oat extract moisture moisturizing factor, effectively lock moisture.
Swiss apple active ingredient - maintain muscle age gives youthful, delay aging.
Germany and Morocco nut oil - cuticle help repair and restore the skin smooth.
Argentina Golden Jojoba - very easy to be kind and skin absorption, skin contact, immediately melts and is absorbed through the skin.
Switzerland Buckeyes extraction - escin extracted from the leaves to maintain healthy skin.

Shelf life: three years (after opening, please use immediately)
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan intention of manufacturing


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