Full hand-stitched leather access control card, parking chip collection key ring - black

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【Product specifications】 · Name: IPPI-Chip / Token Key Ring · Size: about 7x4.5cm ·Colour: Black · Material: leather


IPPI Handmade Leather

IPPI Handmade Leather ショップへ

Full hand-stitched leather access control card, parking chip collection key ring - black


Induction of various types of access chips, whether it must be naked on the keychain, plastic full sense of the chip is no beauty, why not look for a chip to help find a home? So Xiao Gong designed this key ring.
This product is the dream of the chip is extremely important items, without it may not be able to enter the door, is the need to protect things, the small work so think of the gems, gemstones as the basis for the design of the design concept of this section Like a gem-like protective cover. This section of the protective sleeve can not only put the chip, you can also put the parking token, do not be afraid after the loss of token Hello.

[The inner bag space can be placed in a variety of induction chip and parking token]
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https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1I6DC6vN?category=7 (Characters plus purchase)

Another laser engraving services, carving different font / pattern
https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ZH6TzyuA?category=2 (Thunder carving plus purchase)

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【Product specifications】
· Name: IPPI-Chip / Token Key Ring
· Size: about 7x4.5cm
·Colour: Black
· Material: cowhide (Italian vegetable tanned leather) (color due to the different PC screen may be a little color)
· Twine: Japan Bridge India sewn twine (black)
**· FackBook: IPPI hand-made leather**

The original vegetable tanned leather without any dyeing treatment, after long-term use, contact with the fingers of the oil and gas, the leather will become bright and slowly converted to caramel color leather lovers favorite feature, over time Evolution and more and more flavor.
[Goods will be mink oil at the time of shipment to moisturize leather]

Provide English font typing services, because they are hand typing, all micro-skew as normal, more to highlight the taste of hand.
Fonts list
There are currently 0.6cm and 0.3cm two font sizes to choose from.

【Product packaging】
Products are packaged in black hard cardboard boxes, external bubble bags to protect the carton will vary by product size.

[IPPI full range of products, please refer to]

【Small leather knowledge】
What is vegetable tanned leather / cadmium tanned leather?
Vegetable tanning
Pure plant material using dyeing techniques, because of the use of cadmium-free pure plant dyes, it is not easy to cause harm to the environment, the dye process for a long time, the skin texture, color rendering, feel hard, high production costs.
Cadmium tanning
Dyeing using chemical raw materials, leather bright color, feel soft, dyeing process is short, the cost is lower.

【Use and maintenance methods】
· Leather to avoid touching the water, in case of water, please place the shade dry, do not expose the sun.
· When not in use for a long time, place a dry place and maintain it regularly with leather care oil or mink oil to extend the service life.
· Each hand-made leather products are unique, as the same as human skin, there are traces of scarring or leather itself, but also part of the product Oh!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / handmade


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