Zoo friends / Great Buddies / good buddy

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syoujotoneko ショップへ

Zoo friends / Great Buddies / good buddy


How long is /
It does not matter how long?
Call a family?
Miss friends?

Great Buddies
Zoo friends postcard
Express your / your heart
/ Longer distances have to pass a

そ の ku-do made me cry wa ra い desu ka /
そ の ku ra-do wa me cry important で い wa thou ri ma se san ka?
Mada na ta の contact family wo ni?
Friends wa me cry そ wo will i ma si ka?

Corning Ritz- video game ィ ー ー Suites ba zu
Zoo の friends wa ki ga
Na ta の heart wo shi ma si performance
/ Long distance い ga Contact su ru ko と ni necessary ga thou ri ma si

☆ commodity story:

"I want to be part of the zoo gang"

good friend/
Even if the distance is very far away
Different countries
Very Busy /
As long as communication can be contacted at any time
Message across
Still fair-weather friend
Like zoo animals inside
Although not see faces
But still be able to share the danger /

Very ga ni ku distance away from me cry te い ru occasions de mo,
Sa ma ma na za States
When い busy shi ni /
Ri limit communication hai zu de mo Contact で ki-yo-u ni ru
Whole の メ ッ ã ー ji
Mada sunny の friends
Zoo animals の の の internal yo-u ni
Will え ga nai,
Wo mada crisis hard to pass a total of su ru ko と ga で ki ma si /

Material / Top Ivory
Pounds / 420g
Specifications / 105mm x 148mm

Material / Suites ッ pu AI ボ an have
Polyster nn ド / 420g
Shi Yang / 105mm x 148mm

☆ Introduction Brand Story:

20. 5. 2015 founded
"Syoujotoneko Girl と cat" is God's grace to the creation of three foul spleen Carpenter brand.
Nana made ❶ girl painting and design expertise, ❷Dd guide is accompanied, ❸ cats son "Memeto (bob cut)" as an important protagonist responsible life inspiration.
20. 5.2015 established
"Syoujotoneko Girl と Cat" wa 3 bu zu ra nn ド の の の Megumi Mi God create ni desu.
❶ Female の child Nana wa ERI Videos ya video game za イ nn の Graduate door knowledge wo as ri ma shi ta, ❷Dd wa counterparts desu, ❸ cat の income child "Memeto, important na hero liability life の イ nn su APICAL Ritz- ー シ Newspaper nn と shi te.

In the cat world, the metaphor of human life. Painted dull and very childish bob cut to help them make more friends with a cat sister, go out to travel, see the world exactly.
Cat の で wa world, human life の の Yin metaphorical. He ra ha, cat の sister と moo っ と ta ku san の AUO wo make ru trip ni a ru co ke ru ta Circular ni blunt い と very ni naive na お ka っ ぱ wo painting, world wo correct ni reference shi te ku da sa i.

Come back to do the girls と cat bob cut and a wide range of friends as the main body, finished merchandise, getting to know bob cut.
お ka っ ぱ wo know ~ te mo ra u, M の child と cat の お ka っ ぱ と body, complete shi ta commodity と shi te, friends の Hiroshima い Fan Tong wo row u ta Circular ni Ti ~ te ki ma si.
Just buy commodities as a gift of joy for everyone to send a smile, to warm with concern, and preach the gospel, it gives the temperature, joy, playful, happiness, courage, enjoyment, confidence and so many links never met friends. We all know, really very happy.
Ta da, who moo ga heart with で warm Circular, そ shi te Gospel wo declared べ vale え, smile wo messenger su ru ta Circular の hi び の gifts ri objects と resolved after commodity wo purchase shi, そ me cry ha, temperature, hi び, travel び HeartVod thou ru, happiness, Yong Genki, yue shi Connecticut, confident wo and え very multi-ku の ni ri nn ku ga ni friends will っ ta ko と wa thou ri ma se san. All san ni will え で, Man foot very ni shi ma shi ta.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Designed by NanaOmi / Taiwan


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