Moomin Moomin authorization - Picture frame 80 * 80cm: [] stooge

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Moomin Moomin authorization - Picture frame 80 * 80cm: [] stooge


[Product Description]

【 Product specifications】
Material: Solid wood + textured painting
Sources of raw materials: Chinese mainland

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【Product desciption】

【product features】
**Moomin fairy tale novel series Finnish woman writer duo Tony Yang Sheng (Tove Jansson) Works.**
Moomin (Moomin) by Tove Jansson (Translation: Tony Yang Sheng flowers) and Lars Jansson in 1940, the story of creation.
Tove originally wanted to create an ugly strange elves to tease her brother Lars,
They can not think of funny and cute appearance last widely loved by the public.

Focuses on the story of the protagonist Moomin and his friends in Happy Valley (Moomin Valley-- also translated: Moomin Valley) the story of what happened.
The Moomin adventurous character, but also has a group full of different personalities friend,
Each story is your unexpected ...

/ Publishing History /
1946-1970 this long twenty years, Moomin series only have a seven fairy tale novel "Happy Valley comet" "Invisible clown" and "Father of memoirs," "Happy Valley Summer" "Happy Valley winter "and" father of maritime adventure, "" Happy Valley in November ", and a short fairy tales" Happy Valley story. "

The last story, "Happy Valley in November," is the mother died after Tove wrote, the story of a Moomin mysteriously disappeared, leaving little friends in Happy Valley in the empty Moomin family do greet the cold winter preparations. The story is full of pain and loneliness parting sentiment, but even in the absence of lead and sadness filled atmosphere, Moomin Valley, small partners are still trying to make doing this "family" warm thing - it is also deeply reflect Tove love for the family.

In 1966, Hans Christian Andersen Award in receiving speech in, Tove said: "In a children's book, there must be something not explain, do not let the kids illustrations should think about themselves, or allow them to possible and impossible. go in case of self-feelings, so we go. should remain a way to let this stop writers, and let the children alone to go on ...... "

/ Cartoon advent /
After 1950, when Tove busy at the time of writing, they write the story of his brother Lars drawn into a cartoon. In addition to the first book (1945) - "Little Elves and the Great Flood" - is still only in its original Swedish version. Each of the other stories in this book after, it was soon translated into several European languages, but only popular in Norway, Germany and other places.
Until this children's novel for the first time in London "Evening News" column comic comics published in English, Moomin boom really broke out together. According to statistics, has been more than 34 languages translation.

Japanese are crazy about it also bought Moomin Rights, which was made into a cartoon 78 set, and then play in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Tove Jansson she was 85 years old, has been praised as a national treasure Finnish writer. June 27, 2001, Tove died, but Moomin style continues unabated, continued to rage with the world.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Design and printing / Taiwan


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