Department of Small Animal Healing _ black wood carvings D (hand-carved wood)

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Department of Small Animal Healing _ black wood carvings D (hand-carved wood)


Black wood Length and breadth dimensions of about 70 x 35 x 70 mm (Small pieces of wood next to the well-known brand eraser scale, does not contain Sold) Material: suitable for making home decorative white wood carving African Panel. Would like to make room wood products from Taiwan master craft design hand-carved painted, non-computer molding machining mold making, time-consuming work is not neat and clean the machine, only Zhuopu minimalist reality, every is unique, limited production perfectionist do not order. Wood material properties for design and development of animal drawings Use today's technology to produce rare carving knife Dedicated teachers make little raccoon The aqueous acrylic resin coating painted color, stacked layers made four color variations increased protection. About folk art feel Style: That is not good, but kind of livelihood industrial state, early craftsmen will try to take advantage of technology, the whole family together to produce folk art, may be tools, toys or props life, these items have a simple, innocent fun, in technology more modern kind of pure moved, it is now difficult to feel the temperature, the monotony of mass production objects, excessive packaging and marketing the same means so that the community gradually lost enthusiasm, how to create the most original from the heart moving target chamber would like to make continuous efforts through analytical test a variety of materials, try to find a way back to nature, to get people to take a breather in a busy social pressure, the most primitive material of hand carved wood art, with natural aqueous unexpected pigment exhibits particularly gentle temperament, I love it. Please carton packaging manufacturers use thicker than normal paper, and let him die cutter original size a little bit different, a little pressing need to molding use, hoping to present a non-computer design machining is not easy to replicate the warmth of emotion, such as Grandpa long preserved baby, wrinkled hands labor transfer faith, followed by a guard you. Free to make their costumes with Oh. ● wood carving products Jie warranty, whether bumps fracture damaged, retain only whole body, you can try to trim. ● hand-carving knife, every different, the studio will try to shorten the difference between photos and real goods, as far as a way of showing a film, part of online shopping is also available seven days Appreciation services. ● studio currently operating in creative teaching, time lock broken wood carving difficult technical personnel training, production orders can not adopt the way of production, the future will refer hope pinkoi provide shopping list, make arrangements shelves. ● colored with water-based pigment dyeing stack, run into the wood itself can secrete oil spit color, resulting in a more natural and simple color changes in texture, deliberately retained. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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