FUNK DESIGNER your nice head shot - Black

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funkdesigner ショップへ

FUNK DESIGNER your nice head shot - Black


▌ brand

For your ideas sound, FUNK design the most rocking !!

FUNK DESIGNER Corporation was founded in 2005,
Taiwan's international image is created by designers from the design brand,
Minimalist aesthetic style and childlike creative life is drawn inspiration,
So that the brand smell like FUNK music in general relaxed feeling,
And in the strong syncopated, it can not help the rhythm of,
Show an attitude to life unique self !!

▌ Product specifications

Material: 100% combed cotton
Production: Taiwan
Product flexibility: slightly elastic

▌ Material Description
Chain processes quench system of law, each member are all pure hand-printed, adhere to multi-channel fine engineering methods,
Working slowly to create a comfortable texture, heritage of Taiwan in the spirit of honest and pure

FUNK T-SHIRT whole manufactured by Taiwan, material selection of 100% combed Senior (20 yarn).
Comfortable fit, plus one word in the collar and the shoulder line, anti-collapse washing is not deformed,
In addition to emphasizing designs, it is more focused on improving customer comfort,
High costs of clothing materials, so that customers wearing clothes, personal freedom,
Reduce the chance of skin allergies, the use of special anti-shrinking technology, fabrics through stereotypes,
Water washed shrinkage rate of 5% deformation, prevent washed presents loose state, dye imported from Japan,
Fastness standards in line with international levels, solid color does not fade, is absolutely comparable to the texture of the top counter products

▌ printed instructions
We use hand-cut way to print graphs T-SHIRT, to invest more time and effort,
To exhibit exquisite design prints, and feel cut through special techniques graphs,
To create each unique printing T-SHIRT and warmth
▌ Packing
We abandoned the flashy packaging, the most simple and convenient packaging,
Save a lot of unnecessary costs, to repay to each customer who,
Let T-SHIRT prices are more reasonable and effective use of a variety of design methods,
The cheap, good design and high quality characteristics, and strive to do our best,
Everyone can afford to create a high-quality T-SHIRT
▌ Notes
Colour monitor settings may vary slightly different, with a real product colors prevail
FUNK T-SHIRT way by hand cut printed map,
Prints sometimes have a slight white border and other natural phenomena, such as do not accept orders
▌ save mode
The depth of color please wash separately
Use low-temperature drying cotton material, so the clothes shrink
Print Product recommendation upside down and placed in a fine mesh laundry bag cleaned to keep the goods patterns
Please use neutral detergent cleaning, soaking time not too long, you can keep the color bright as new
White clothing can add the right amount of bleach to clean stains
▌ dimensions
T-SHIRT use a special version of the type, especially adjusted to fit the Taiwanese body,
Recommended Size: 8 for 8 to 9 years, 9 for 9 to 10 years, 12 for 11 to 12 years old,
Adults can choose No. S ~ 2XL, women can buy recommendation No. 10 ~ S
The size of the table due to fabric elasticity, measuring factors such as start and end points, the size of a slight error with the actual goods,
The following is the level measurements (cm)
Neutral T (no waist)
Especially for women developed type fitting T-SHIRT edition
The size of the table due to fabric elasticity, measuring factors such as start and end points, the size of a slight error with the actual goods,
The following is the level measurements (cm)
Women T (a waist)

▌FUNK T-SHIRT series outfit reference
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan MIT handmade


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