[Silent glass. Ai Chi Mo] Acacia book clothing (notebook graffiti manual)


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    Sang ‖ ‖
    Bark fiber handmade paper handmade from Yunnan Lijiang Naxi Jueyi to Thymelaeaceae plant Wikstroemia, wolves and other poisonous weeds made, the process of placing real flowers and artificial embellishment, rich colors after a paper, changing the image. Naxi ethnic precious historical record of "Dongba" is reproduced in this ancient paper, because paper-making material itself has excellent decay resistance, but also to save time writing quality material, so between the Naxi ethnic east Palestinian paper paper TING Millennium said.

    ‖ ‖ Book
    Book clothes attached blank notebook, two inside pages of paper to choose from, 100g beige wood pulp paper 260 (with internal cover), and 100g kraft pulp 276 (with internal cover), please inform on order within your desired page styles.
    Inclusive of 300g kraft paper notebook pages front and back covers, special stitchers, can make the inside pages 180 degrees flat, smooth writing is not limited. Book clothing is removable, after pages exhausted, can buy another blank notebook replacement.

    ‖ Printing ‖
    The carving artists invited to participate in the creation of Xu Qinghua teacher. Xu Qinghua, son of the word stone, won the National Award Myeongjong calligraphy competition Preferably, clever Temple Cup National calligraphy competitions, book arts cup national calligraphy contest privileged, Room Cultural and Educational Foundation national carving competition, Cilong cup national calligraphy contest first prize and other awards, as with handmade paper characteristics, especially with freehand Indian wind idea [silent glass. Mo] Chapters, incised "silent glass" gesture simple and robust, and full of pictographic interesting, carved "Mo" line black and white cross and symmetrical beauty of neat in with, the two points when used styles, brilliant scene, when combined but muddy financial one, no trace rectifiable, bringing the key results for the finishing touch handmade paper creations mainly visual.

    Crimson ‖ ‖
    Selection Yun-ping Shiquan Guang Ming cinnabar ink pad. Miss Li Yunping first four treasures of Chinese painting and calligraphy inks maestro, former director of the Department of Shanghai Xiling Seal Society, is also Lu Um inks successor. Yun-ping Shiquan Yin Ni and length of united family, making a summer without weeping, winter is not frozen, impatient wet affordable, delicate texture of the painting necessary product, widely loved by Fang.
    Traditional inks containing cinnabar cinnabar components distinguish the fine mineral powder can check bright, the color is red, and its steady state, its fine and smooth and watch it like a fleshed out a long time without fading its color, far only paint Modulation of comparable inks, as with the creation of the party printed by hand carving, hand-made of the more unique and cherished.

    ▏ book clothing size ▕

    32K, about 13 X 19 X 2.5 cm, off-white pulp inside pages optional paper (260), or kraft pulp (276), the total thickness of the two inner pages slightly different, the proposed purchase within the same paragraph of page Blank This replacement is not recommended in meters white clothes with kraft paper book pages, or white rice with brown paper book clothes inside.

    ▏ Notes ▕

    . Book clothes for the paper products containing natural flowers leaves, the flowers begin distribution of artificial place, books clothes randomly cut the production of artificial Yiyi, can not guarantee that each handiwork Jieyou effects such as color and distribution of your expectations, be sure to purchase former first understand the characteristics of hand-made goods.

    . Keep dry clothes of the book, by the direct sunlight may cause color change natural flowers and leaves of.

    . Cinnabar ink pad system to natural mineral raw materials as a toner, after consultation with otherness touch friction, are likely to fade, and buildup on the other items, avoid frequent contact with the other interface. Also in the book jacket clothes outside another layer of transparent slipcase, or coated with a transparent protective lacquer spray, in order to reduce contamination decolorization and doubts.

    . All are handmade paper, cut, each possible uneven thickness of paper, knuckle, and fine-tuning will be based adhesive paper characteristics, may not necessarily Founder neat; distribution of paper flowers and leaves also can not guarantee that the results will be consistent with your expectations ; cinnabar seal will consider the whole arrangement and each piece has a different placement may even be skewed, but accidentally contaminated paper into little vermilion mark ...... 亦属 common, this is the hand-made product properties, please buy Confirm whether to accept not necessarily perfect, but it is our commitment and dedication to complete each one, unique works.


    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan handmade
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[Silent glass. Ai Chi Mo] Acacia book clothing (notebook graffiti manual)





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