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    [T-shirt] concept


    Sometimes we misunderstand the significance of the city, its culture and history demolished
    Even for countries locations are blurred, it becomes authoritarian vassal
    Foundation officials have drained moonlight gone riding jet
    The remaining elephants slowly saddled with city
    Blackened with the debt you and I
    Too close to each other in the dark twilight

    If you have a memory of the city that look like?


    It remembers the courtyard of rice courtyard, covered with a mat golden carpet, full of rice in the hot sun!
    It was brilliant to not remember a red table, filled the streets, the whole town because of her family's wedding and celebration!
    It also recalled that there are pieces of mango tree 10 meters high, propped up a big umbrella grandfather who is traveling gun battle for survival!


    It is of course also remember cement water chestnut field is filled, the first building thirty-meter-high building, pulling cut open the way for normalization of birds home!
    There is a mountain to be slashed in half, lime ground into powder into the bill, it will remember it very clearly!
    I remember because it clearly, so it is very lonely, because it remembers everything, but people have forgotten everything ...


    Forget, because this city is illusory construct some people imagine,
    Like playing building blocks stacked, stacked one world tower, stacking a large park, a stack Bay Hotel is not beautiful,
    Playing a big mountain called economy, with the thickness of the banknote classify people,
    After the water is drained, as elephants support the city down,
    Clear brush away the sleeves do not take a cloud of people, ah, who would it be?


    Shen city still asleep, in a dream rope covered with a layer of mist, the lights still winking, greedily devoured moonlight night,
    There mist something; illusory vain border expansion, the expansion of, secretly of people ah!
    Preparing the uprising! Ready to take back their city it!


    Although it is impossible to distinguish each other's faces, but in the morning light to come, the city would wake up! Up!
    Regain his imagination, to regain his memory, to regain his life, to regain his own! !


    This is serving a freelance designer and illustrator - the author Hong Tianxian Croter
    A novice father, cloud HKUST Visual Communication Department, sets the Arts should be borne by the school.
    Hometown Yunlin, Taipei grew up in 2010 in order to balance life and creation, with his wife and twin cats moved to Kaohsiung.
    Kaohsiung is currently designing cultural and creative brain drain in the city of a plan,
    Ming Zhou fashion magazine column serialized in graphic, illustration design works scattered newspapers and magazines.


    Situational full use of traditional film shooting and purge
    camera: Nikon F3
    film: Kodak Ultramax 400



    About Us

    ● ViewFinder translated as "the camera's viewfinder."
    ● photographer through the viewfinder to the viewfinder to tell a story different angles, different colors scheduling, different compositions can exhibit each photo is not the same emotions and thoughts.
    ● ViewFinder original T-shirt, as a viewing window T-shirts by the creators of this canvas can develop freely in different forms of images, illustrations, or text.
    ● Whether humorous, everybody alternative, decadence, it lets put ViewFinder of reflection can show self-life attitude and style.


    [Product Size]

    ● male version L: Shoulder 44 / Sleeve 20 / Chest width 53 / Length 73
    ● male version M: Shoulder 42 / Sleeve 19 / Chest width 50 / Length 70
    ● male version S: Shoulder 41 / Sleeve 18 / Chest width 48 / Length 68
    ● female version M: Shoulder Width 35 / Sleeve 18 / Chest width 42 / Length 65
    ● female version S: Shoulder 33 / Sleeve 17 / Chest width 40 / Length 63
    PS female version of a waist; size form as cm, due to the elastic fabric, fabric color and other factors is some error, the error is approximately plus or minus 2 cm within the normal range.


    [About goods]

    ● for Asian body type, after repeated adjustments, re-tailored the new type, fit does not close; and broken men and women version of the type, the male version of the version tidy, female version of a modified line.
    ● full use of moderate thickness 20 carefully selected combed cotton fabric, compared with the general market cotton Tee, combed cotton washed to remove impurities, short fibers and other complex workers continued, comfortable feel.
    ● logo printed are using Japanese elastomeric material, handmade by professional master painted over and over again, even if the force pulling the pattern is not crack, fade after washing and no problem.
    ● The working method is more complex elastic neckline rib cloth production, comfortable and convenient to wear off, washed too easy to loose; from raw material selection, sewing, graphic design printing, manufacturing throughout Taiwan.
    ● purchase of goods, all with exclusive brand bags, zipper bags and tags.


    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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[ViewFinder T 恤] - City of Fantasy - Women (only female S!)




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