[Christmas (exchange gifts)] [custom] puzzles friends sterling silver necklace (with 4 words within the sense of typing) (for laser engraving, please add another purchase)

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[Christmas (exchange gifts)] [custom] puzzles friends sterling silver necklace (with 4 words within the sense of typing) (for laser engraving, please add another purchase)


● About "Customized - Puzzle Friends" sterling silver necklace:

"The symbol of friends, family, partners, not to be pretentious X symbol"

Suitable for 35 friends, sister Amoy or family order of goods,
For you to build only belongs to your puzzle chain,
When we party, you can come up with phase recognition, is it very interesting :)
And every time you make something different, do not worry about sticking with strangers: P
But also for everyone in the puzzle feel typing (4 words - English capital or number), even more unique!

● Custom puzzles friend chain Note:
Custom puzzles Friends of the chain, not necessarily to order more than one puzzle, but also a single order, commodity prices for a single puzzle price (1980 yuan), if you want to make a group of four, you can choose the number of orders 4 ; If you want to make six, as shown in the picture, you can choose 6 when ordering, and so on: D
(Here to provide the maximum number of 10 to your choice, To order more than 10 more than one group, please contact the designer Oh, will be the other for you to open an exclusive order page: D)
In addition, the jigsaw puzzle is to cut the shape after the next single, so do not worry about repeated or spell with other people, but the shape of the jigsaw puzzle by the designer, without additional reference to the map, if any other doubts, welcome. Discuss with designers first!
There is also the next single with the designer that you want to knock on the word is what ~ ~ make faster production speed: D

● Size: Each individual puzzle 墬 decoration within about 1.5x1.5 cm female 16-inch silver chain

● Material: 925 Silver

● About "Dai. Metalworking Design-DAI ":

/// Brand Story ///
A girl, who has a strong interest in art, design and handwriting, also has a passion for silver jewelery because she usually learns a course called "Metalworking Design" While designing silverware, since then embarked on an endless journey to study goldsmith art, began to take interest as a career, you want to create many simple, yet generous, classic, meaningful, Good with accessories to decorate more people's lives!

///brand introduction///
Dai Metalworking Design-DAI
Seemingly complex metalworking
Brand leader and designer "Dai Dai",
Hope in their own name to create a metalworking their own "decoration" sector
A sudden whim, a bright spot now
After constantly thinking, constantly trying,
Hope to show a simple, fresh feeling
Because of hand-made and simple, detailed jewelry
Decorate your life a little beautiful!

If you are different - you want a unique silverware
We also have customized customized service!

● About hand made silver jewelry:
The value of hand-made silverware is that one piece of jewelry is cut by hand, one by one sawing, forming, fine grinding, throwing to complete, rather than the mass production of the machine as cold, but also because of the temperature reserved for the hand made , Every kind of goods may have a slight difference with the photos, if you can accept the next single purchase: D

● Included with the product: silver polishing cloth, jewelry special zipper bag, guarantee card, complete packaging (including jewelry box, bag)

● silver care tips:
Silverware vulcanization (commonly known as oxidation) are normal, but because of this, added a silverware flavor, but if you want to maintain the color of silver itself, we can use the silver polishing cloth attached to a simple swipe silverware, Make it back to the original appearance; or wear, after a period of time no longer wear possible, silverware can be washed with water or dried using a hairdryer (remember not to overheating), confirmed that completely dry, into Special jewelry bag attached to the delay of silverware curing situation. The most important thing is, do not bring the hot springs Oh, will make silver black is very exaggerated, and may not be able to maintain the original silver color Oh!

In addition, we welcome silverware back home free maintenance clean: D

● warranty interest:
We provide one year warranty, non-human damage caused by the warranty period and under normal use can enjoy free maintenance. However, if the normal wear and tear, man-made improper use, or force majeure caused by the destruction of natural persons, is not covered by the warranty, for maintenance, discretionary maintenance costs will be subject to discretion.

● Origin: Taiwan (MIT)
● production methods: handmade

❤ Thank you very much for all of us. Metalworking Design-DAI> Support and Favorites ❤


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