Just Knitting limited edition of hand-woven green copper wire with plastic bead bracelet ● Made in Hong Kong

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Just Knitting limited edition of hand-woven green copper wire with plastic bead bracelet ● Made in Hong Kong


/ Commodity Description and story / This bracelet is very suitable for the elegant girls! Copper and plastic beads material, very lightweight, suitable for all occasions. Whether it is given away, or yourself to wear, very suitable yo! ♥ Size Description Products containing chain size: about 230 mm long Product with packaging Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 30 mm ♥ Material: copper color coupled with color plastic beads, and metal interlocking tails. / Our story / Friendship with dreams can weave it? Just Knitting each piece carefully designed by the owner with two friends carefully hand-made. R K with the owner owner has always been keen hand-made, the two had agreed to send daily e beaded together after retirement. K shopkeeper recent trip to England for further studies trip to learn the two have been touched by the smell latent dream again, with a surge of Folly, set up Just Knitting brand, I hope each piece 搵到 like its owner. Just Knitting specializes in stylish and pleasing design unique jewelry accessories. The concept is to make the brand combined with contemporary materials through traditional hand-to reminiscence and recognition of traditional weaving. Want to send a Special Day of true love was unique jewelry accessories? We offer tailor-made for the needs of our valued customers service, customers can choose the color according to personal preferences and materials, to produce exquisite jewelry, we can provide customers with tailor-made line of accessories, customers can with the other half, children, friends, and even pets together with the Department of wearing elaborate costume accessories, let Agape. We also continue to make efforts to explore innovative approaches and materials for our valued customers and show your love for the outcome of the hand, to ensure that you produce a beautiful and unique personality of the popular accessories. / Operate and maintain / 1. Because necklace is hand woven tubular grow, and copper are also a soft metal, do recesses, pressure. 2. Do not carry hot springs, touch chemicals, sea and swimming ..... etc. 3. If you do not carry, you put in the original packaging or your personal jewelry box to prevent the weight and have the opportunity to excessive oxidation, and can secure protection accessories. 4. Each ornament is accompanied by environmental protection kraft paper gift boxes, Just Knitting contact card and a small gift message postcard. / About the custom / Just Knitting ♥ All goods are all real product photography, photos will each computer screen or shooting light produced little color, please perfectionist buyers to consider before the next single!! ♥ If you want to order merchandise, you can contact us first choose the color of copper wire and beads, after placing an order to wait about two weeks to ship, you can not wait for the buyer before the next one can be asked whether the stock. ♥ Please inform us after the order hand around, so help us create jewelry for your(hand circumference measurement: Use a tape measure around the circle close to the hand and then spread out to see the male fraction can)! ♥ Orders the light of the material and the complexity of the guests choose to change, we will first offer to the guests and then confirm ♥♥♥ Please make sure to accept lower than after single yo! ♥♥♥ Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong handmade Handmade in Hong Kong


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