Monday Blue Monday beautiful blue organic cotton Double increase Chuangbao (blue, QUEEN)

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Monday Blue Monday beautiful blue organic cotton Double increase Chuangbao (blue, QUEEN)


In Fiatlux
Blue is not sad, blue sky
Lying on blue blanket nest

Basement with natural elements
Non-toxic dyes reconcile a soft blue sky Monday Blue Series
Ma Pui bottom decorated with natural elegance embellished details
* Dimensions: 180x186 cm *

* Material: Turkey 100% GOTS certified organic cotton *

Change every quarter the change in a crowded, colorful street east, from Korean, Japanese fashion shops to international brands everywhere, fashionable clothing, fashionable people embrace fast but then every day and knew nothing of his skin fabrics .
Unconsciously, we are unable to identify the body of the fabric material is actually inferior petrochemical fibers.
Unconsciously, we can not feel, though we did not eaten the fabric, but in a large number of printing dyes and chemicals, forget their body actually needs good ventilation and breathing, will in raw materials and consumer distant relative Hope not know each other that day, we have forgotten, the earth and the earth is breathing ... ..

Because bedding is not changed daily clothes, and therefore pay more attention to its material and process whether human-friendly, we tried a little bit more for the environment, supply chain, product information for transparency, for the creation of a brand starting point and each of them should choose from goodness.

** "Light Cooperatives" is a balance between aesthetics, temperature and friendly bedding brand. **

"Light cooperatives", is a hope that through the design and choice of natural fibers to reduce bedding fabric manufacturing process chemistry and physics of discharge. We agree Benefit Cooperation (B Enterprise: simultaneously focus on equity, public and profitable business), so the process of creating the product would need to also consider "not only their own good," but "everyone is good." (Everyone, including land, air, river ... and so on and other forms of life). Want to introduce natural fiber bedding to the public at the same time, as long as we make good bedding beautiful and natural, so that consumers like and buy bedding, had let the public participate and assist in the good of the environment!

** "We see, not just small farmers and food security, not just their own." **

** FiatLux light cooperatives dual personality. **

External personality is derived from a sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to the promotion of natural fibers (such as cotton, hemp, wood pulp fiber, Tencel, etc.) or the use of renewable fibers. Inherent personality is from the aesthetic appearance, designed to bring the fabric itself texture, style, simple and elegant, let the pressure back to the bedroom after a gentle color system completely release day and tension.

** "Light cooperatives do not just sell bedding, not just sleep, our response is returned to the bedroom after each, that you really want. ... Desire ... real quiet." **

In the production of the first batch of products we consider a number of natural fibers, from Taiwan, mainland China, India and around the circle, and finally the first bedding we choose organic cotton from Turkey, the highest number of woven organic cotton interwoven with 60 years of experience in Taiwan's textile manufacturers Tai Yuen cooperation, using GOTS (International Organic cotton Certification) process and comply with GOTS standards of environmental protection dye, and finally appointed by the Tainan thirty-year-old plant is responsible for the OEM production experience, the best sewing Method and exquisite detailing a needle and thread. On the packaging we try to reduce the use of plastic to biodegradable material environmental non-woven bags as packaging material, is to let consumers repetitive use, instead of a disposable plastic bags and.

** "Light cooperatives", is Taiwan's first to offer a variety of colors of organic cotton bedding brand. Taiwan is also the first natural fiber, environmentally friendly brand as the core spirit of the bedding. **

* Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan's textile manufacturing old plant station yuan / three decades of skill Tainan factory sewing *


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