Rhodochrosite crystal in dearsharka || red specter x x x Moonstone white crystal. Light sweet rhyme soft beautiful net

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Rhodochrosite crystal in dearsharka || red specter x x x Moonstone white crystal. Light sweet rhyme soft beautiful net


Hands name ⊣ ⊢
Rhodochrosite red specter x x x Moonstone white crystal. Light sweet rhyme soft beautiful net

About Hands ⊣ ⊢
Rhodochrosite soft as she gently filled with color in general, is a symbol of belonging enthusiastic, confident she can bring the power of love and the efforts of execution. Sagami flashing blue halo of glory Moonstone, she can improve u intuition, sensibility and spirituality make up! Up! She can make need to know each other, love each other more coordinated operation, more u their own rhythm, So she has been called "the lovers of stone." And then decorated with the red specter charming three-dimensional pyramidal structure, she can give cool fresh ideas, strengthen the blood, bring good color and good spirit, but also the power to bring warm, people forget the negative feelings, there are better considerate of empathy, as well as a thorough clean white crystal, she contains a colorful energy, to promote the physical and mental balance and harmony, and strengthen the power of reason, but can metabolize negative energy. Finally, with the soft Kiyomi Japan beads and Czech beads, so gentle and elegant Rhodochrosite more show her light sweet charm.

⊢ crystal in dearsharka ⊣
Love Crystal shar fear a whole bunch of & quot; beads sense & quot; crystal bracelet. So, shar love dearsharka in their beautiful crystal with their own personality, so the crystal beauty can also become a fashion sense of strong eye jewelry.

▶▶ shar love holdings Each crystal is unique, so it will not do exactly the same style after the sale.

▶▶ beautifully matched with crystal beads Czech and Japanese beads. Rich color changing their excellent quality, easy to fade.

▶▶ threaded part, shar use & quot; Japan & quot ;, elastic silk thread toughness, prone to breaking.

How much will they ▶▶ crystal beautiful natural Binglie with their own signs, which is their most natural look. shar will try to render their appearance in a photograph.

▶▶ for u to adjust the length, shar may need to adjust the bracelet length, and therefore decrease the Czech beads or bead portions of Japan.

▶▶ "Turquoise money" and "pearl models' beauty is more delicate, we strongly recommend to remove the bath.

⊢ Take Me Home ⊣
Because each is beautiful or adjustments need tailor-made, so shar will confirm your order has been paid and the length of the hand around after 3--5 days to complete as soon as possible and send you beautiful.

When u decide to take her home at the same time, shar will help adjust for length u u wrist.
So, after the purchase, please do not forgot a line along the perimeter of your wrist, then ruler measurements.
Please order [Note] tells shar [Be sure to provide, or fear would delay the time to send yo] ~
① hand around the length is much cm?
② want to fit more? Still some space flu?
★★★ IMPORTANT - IMPORTANT: Do not hand the existing indirect measurement of the length of the bracelet or watches~

[Plus] purchase small stainless steel wires was + 925 sterling silver clasp only for S-type models beautiful crystal https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1ND_Y2ZB

Here, each one hand there is no mold limitations they create beautiful, no production line of standard rigid them.
Each of them has its own unique qualities and beauty.

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