Earth tree fair trade- "2015 organic cotton Series" - Tianzhu organic cotton woven jacket pocket (blue line)

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Earth tree fair trade- "2015 organic cotton Series" - Tianzhu organic cotton woven jacket pocket (blue line)


◆ Material: organic cotton
◆ Weave: Tianzhu cotton
◆ Size:
M Bust 137*Shoulder to Sleeve 49.5*Length 89cm
Only M No. model height: 167cm
◆ producing countries: India
◆ Design Quality Control: Japanese people tree Fairtrade company
◆ Production society organizations Asissi Garments
◆ commodity is pure hand-made, with the picture some differences, the real product-based, thank you.

Area ratio of conventional cotton fields in the world accounting for less than 2 percent, but higher than the pesticide usage in many fields of other crops, pesticide usage up to a quarter of the world's cotton fields of pesticides, and toxic pesticides mostly nerve toxin, these pesticides not only harm the earth, contaminating the soil and water, and indirectly also endanger human health.
To grow organic cotton in the cotton fields, you must first be fallow for three years, and shall not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, toxins must be clear so that the original
In addition, and in the process of planting, may not use any pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical additives leaves agents ....
In order to maintain the protection of the environment and providing people more friendly and better quality stable organic cotton products, from organic cotton planting, spinning, weaving, cleaning products, plant dyeing, sewing ... etc complicated and delicate process, both through World GOTS certified organic cotton certification organization permission.

- For both people and planet-friendly organic cotton ~
From small cotton farmers in India who,
Handed down from the previous use of the organic farming of cotton planted.
These cotton obtain international organic certification bodies AGRECO certification, did not use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers,
In the processing system, or chemicals used in the fabric.
So the baby's skin can be contacted at ease with them. Of course, there is no mixing of genetically modified cotton seeds.
Southern India is a dedicated to provide employment opportunities for the hearing impaired NGO (NGO)
﹝ ASSISI GARMENT ﹞ young girls in the hands of the sewing is finished.

About GOTS certification bodies:
Gots organization (Global Organic Textile Standard, referred to GOTS)
Stand in 2006, is organized by four well-known from the following members,
American, Organic Trade Association (OTA)
British Soil Association (SA)
Germany, the International Association Natural Textile Industry
Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)
The main purpose of its founding, is through international organizations and experts, in order to ensure that textiles and clothing products made from organic fibers can continue and comply with the most stringent environmental standards and corporate social responsibility.

GOTS standard applies to
* Containing at least 70 percent organic fiber textiles
* Ensure that the entire production process of clothing and home textile products in the (spinning / weaving / dyeing / finishing / manufacturing / use of chemicals / manufacturing / packaging / labeling / export / import, and all the natural fibers), can meet high health and environmental standards.

Origin / manufacturing methods


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