Sunart plate - Beethoven

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● Japan imported ● Old name ceramic brand ● Rich colors and colorful life ● The shape is lovable ● Healing is a practica



Sunart plate - Beethoven


● Japan imported ● Old name ceramic brand ● Rich colors and colorful life ● The shape is lovable ● Healing is a practical art food ● Unique gift selection <Sunart ceramic products are mostly handmade There may be a few imperfections This is because of the nature of hand carving or natural raw materials. **Product message** Size: diameter 23.6 x height 2.6 cm Outer box size: width │24 cm; length │ 24 cm; height │3 cm Material: porcelain clay Content: disk 1 into Net weight: 490g Japanese design & imported Country of origin: China Testing: Does not contain cadmium and lead (tested by the Aichi Pharmacists Association) **Instructions for use** Heat resistance: -20 ° C ~ 140 ° C Microwave heating (for details, please refer to "Heating Method") **Heating method description** ‧ Microwave heating ‧ Do not heat the empty tray ‧ Do not use in stoves and ovens **Cleaning and maintenance methods (please follow the correct use method to extend the service life of the product)** ‧ Please use a sponge, a soft cloth, and add a soft detergent to rinse with water. (Please avoid using materials such as melon cloth and iron brush to avoid scratching the product) ‧ Suitable for dishwashers, do not stack to avoid excessive shaking during washing ‧ Applicable to the drying machine, please do not place it in the air outlet to avoid deformation caused by excessive hot air ‧Please avoid immersing the product in hot water for a long time and heating the empty bowl ‧ Do not use foods with high fat content ‧ Do not expose to the sun and place it in a high humidity environment ‧ It is recommended to dry and store with a dry cloth ‧ Do not use hot and cold alternately **Precautions** ‧ All products are ceramic appliances, please use them with care to avoid knocking. ‧ If there is occasional paint or cracking, please stop using ‧ The color of the product image will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen, which is subject to the actual product color. ‧ To maintain product quality and extend service life, please be sure to follow the above maintenance instructions. Damage caused by improper use is not responsible. **Return instructions** The items purchased by the members are entitled to a 7-day hesitation period (including holidays). Goods returned must be returned within the hesitation period. When returning the goods, the goods must be in a new state and complete packaging (please pay attention to the integrity of the goods, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all accompanying documents or materials, do not miss any accessories or damage the original factory Outer box). If the returned goods cannot be returned to the original state, it will affect the return of the rights or need to bear part of the cost. Origin / manufacturing methods China " delivery time" Orders received on the day before the payment is completed on the day of delivery The order is received on the day of noon and the payment is completed every other day. Home delivery - - - - - - - > Delivery on the day after shipment Super-commercial pick-up - - - - -> Delivery at the latest 48 hours after shipment The goods are delivered during the day. If there are special needs or urgent items, please let us know in advance, thank you! "Customer Service Time" Monday to Friday AM09:00-AM12:00 PM01:30-PM06:00 Holiday holiday


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