Open tea hall <autumn and define> Roselle fruit stains released into the wild

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Open tea hall &lt;autumn and define&gt; Roselle fruit stains released into the wild


[On the door]
"Home" of temperature - from interior design to the tea business hall
All have their origins in the vision of home,
We will be home to the temperature of the temperature into the tea;
Also put on the home care into the intentions of tea

Child parents busy, so we cherish when visiting friends and relatives, the family gathered together tea time chat; grow up, we help customers construct their imagination around the home, there are always busy, apart from the memories started the tea. For us, the "family" is a family gathering place, while "tea" is a family gathering strength.
So we created the open tea together, to remind you, "no matter how busy, but also home to a cup of tea."

Carefully selected [open]
Confidence drink tea
Open tea tea-growing areas around the hall to visit Taiwan, strict selection of local tea

We insist that Qinfang tea, witnessed the harvesting and production of tea;
We insist, natural and pure, each batch of tea have machine certification mark, or by pesticide testing;
We insist that Taiwan original leaf, not import tea, no ground tea powder, so that there are now bubble tea bags experience;

- "Because I wanted a cup of tea at ease, so we carefully look for tea."

【product manual】
<Door autumn and winter limited> Roselle fruit stains released into the wild
Canned 180g NT $ 180 元
Two cans of NT $ 300 元

"Luo" flower intentionally, open intentions

Miaoli a small corner of the mountains, there is a natural organic Fam released into the wild,
Every autumn, over and over saffron and green leaves matched to form people stop beauty.

"These are Roselle, not only looking very good yeah."
Farmers happy for us to explain, and looked as if introducing what treasures like the side to come up with a box of their own pickled preserves Roselle, wants us to try to see.

For us, seldom seen so "close to the original," the pickled food,
This is very different,
Fully retain full Roselle of fresh water,
Fresh and crunchy,
Tastes slightly acidic,
Roselle chewing aroma is more spread out along the tongue

The annual late fall, this piece of Roselle cong is the farmer's Ganzi Dian,
"We're not like a child will go to buy a 1 柑仔店 hair kumquat sugar? Then have a week pocket money, I'll take it with my sister's home near 柑仔店 buy candy candied ... now do not have buy ~ "

Since they are doing to their own relatives and friends to eat or distribution, so farmers adopt natural farming, insisted the pesticide,
The production process is also very simple, do not add any other artificial flavors or preservatives.
"But only now (fall) has finished - after a period of time, there is no!"
Hear these words, we could not help but eat the two.

Some corners of Taiwan people and things is really beautiful,
Tea hall door to let you see.



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