Improved new retro round frame nose pads gray stripes

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mumumu ショップへ

Improved new retro round frame nose pads gray stripes


As a person who loves glasses
Designed for Asians to wear glasses
Lightweight does not push the nose and face obedient
To break had always been ridiculed four frog
Now let us turn him into a fashion! !

Because of titanium other metal materials can not match the lightweight, non-corrosive and ultra-tough characteristics, so in today's world the use of industrial materials technology, plays a very important role. Characterized by light weight, high strength, with a metallic luster, have a good corrosion resistance. Due to its stable chemical properties, good high temperature, low temperature, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and high strength, low density, Known as "space metal" ~

/ Size, size, size /

43mm nose width 49mm high 21mm total width 140 148mm legs

/ Material /

Italian plate + metal (nickel alloy)

Advanced wooden glasses box
Peibu bag
High-fiber lens cloth swab

/ Use and maintenance info /

Use water or a little dish soap to clean

We know the difference between plastic glasses with plates glasses?
We know that in fact not all plastic plastic glasses?

General plastic glasses is known as the CP early material, that is, the night market with street vendors shot frame, which frame the all three factories in mainland China, the only advantage is cheap, disadvantage is that the material is poor, easily broken, poor texture, color, mostly paint, after wearing period because body temperature, sweat acid erosion can lead glasses paint, serious and even cause skin inflammation, in addition to the frame with a few temples can not be adjusted, because it is easily broken, some customers will go to Night and then to buy the frame around 100-500 Opticians glasses, wear a few times on the break, which is commonly known as the plastic box frame.

And another sheet material is, what is the plate?
This mostly made of cellulose acetate, commonly known as sheet metal box, usually well-known brands are using this material, is currently the most commonly used material glasses, the advantage of good texture, good adjustment, rich colors, there is absolutely no fading problem, not easily broken, gloss beautiful, very durable, and has a certain degree of flexibility, the price will be higher than the plastic material glasses, but the relative will be more durable.

Shop glasses are all glasses, plates, are in line with the average large glasses of the same durable material, in addition to remind you when you pick the best hands off the frames due to uneven force will not lead to deformation of glasses ^ ^
Origin / manufacturing methods


アメリカUS$ 13.64US$ 10.23
カナダUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
オーストラリアUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
アイルランドUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
マカオUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
シンガポールUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
マレーシアUS$ 8.53US$ 6.82
中国US$ 7.85US$ 6.14
日本US$ 10.23US$ 7.85
タイUS$ 10.23US$ 7.85
香港US$ 7.85US$ 6.14
その他の国・地域US$ 8.53US$ 6.82
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