♦ Bracelets ♦ ~ ♥ universe - crude fog Gold + white fluorescent green brush gold vc ✿

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mmoment ショップへ

♦ Bracelets ♦ ~ ♥ universe - crude fog Gold + white fluorescent green brush gold vc ✿


~ ♥ has single friends, do not forget the notes on: providing practical hands around the size (no Jiasong parts ~), I will give you plus
~ ♥ This will speed up my delivery speed yo! Thank you

/ Commodity Description and story /

Bracelet Introduction
M, moment2015 latest autumn and winter color bracelet to Lou ~!
For those who prefer simple style preferred friends ~ !!

Crosstalk fork chain wear itself out paint texture suitable for simple outfit style!
Simple plain sweater - large enclosure - with the preferred pressure !!!
& Quot; pay attention to see our style buckle (not falling ~!)
Thoughtful design make your own strap buckle is also very convenient ~

* Crude chain: Peripheral is the living symbol of grilled fog - > will not fade, you can touch the water (for broad-brush beautiful girl, like me, you!)
* LW color thin chain: the same pale gold paint + brush - > will not fade, you can touch the water (Each color has been carefully selected wild color!!)

(M bracelet pendant patterns are designed and developed yo! Non readymades) Reference Design Hall of other commodities may introduce ^^

/ Size /

Middle crude chain: width within 2cm ~
Fine chain left and right side: a width of about 1CM ~

Size: length size customized according to personal hand around !!

/ Material /
Only 50 grams! ~ Super light ~

Outside the thick chain: the production of aluminum factories in Taiwan to practice, not easily oxidized Diaoqi not easy tearing lightweight not cumbersome!!
Naicao and easy to take ~ (for as we have this easy collision girls) no rust problem
Within fine chain: copper chain, plating + CP straight ultrahigh-quality paint ~ !!!!

/ Operate and maintain /

Wash your hands need to win, you can touch the water
* Not recommended equipped with a bath (bath this would scrub it ....)
* General maintenance and storage just put the bag can be attached to the zipper!

/ Packaging /
✿✿M works dedicated pouch ✿✿

PS ~ If you want to play the notes gifts!!
Have gift box or random texture ribbons attached to the packaging~
Just forewarned ~ EVA will help you pack Mimi ~ !!!! (YA ~ rotation)

Welcome to M fans (FB search: M, moment)
~ ♥ gogoggo ~ ♥

/ Designer and brand profile /

One day you can go from side to side stall a box Kapil traveled the world!

Brief introduction

MY moment t is M, moment
Life is like a bunch of lines, each person has their own color
 Experience life on a variety of different people, like different colors on the screen line interlaced
 By "line" creation, the simple line, showing a life, but staggered so beautiful beautiful fragment
 But the intersection of line and line, this moment've met people and things, so to meet the current generation deeply touched and memories, I want to express.
I hope that through creative way line version, the beautiful picture reservations, and share the efforts of our life.
I wish to express every little story better through design, because design is the world's most simple language
 Pattern creation and an extension of the hands and body jewelry, so that the pattern is not a piece of paper with graffiti
 Segment color can be expressive, emotional patterns can,!

M = MY That's me, your beautiful story
MOMENT is in the intersection of life in that moment


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