Caramel Rabbit - paper tape ★ flight vignette - Rascal Series / Christmas gift / exchange gifts

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caramel-rabbit ショップへ

Caramel Rabbit - paper tape ★ flight vignette - Rascal Series / Christmas gift / exchange gifts


✿Caramel Rabbit - paper tape ★ flight vignette - Rascal series ✿ - New debut

This afternoon is a little story ......

The breeze on his face, a pleasant casual afternoon, slowly walking to a nearby riverbank park, want to see the sights and relax.
Slowly the sky, What a coincidence! Ah sugar actually happy to see the lovely draped hot-air balloon being traveled.

Suddenly the bird fly through the mouth of a Clementine, in the vicinity of a hot air balloon arabinonate linger. While arabinonate lazy daydreaming, Clementine toucan beak suddenly violently with a stamp! Hot air balloon immediately broke a big hole!
Full of hot air balloons because originally broke a hole in gradually limp and barely getting by in the basket ......

A sugar afraid anxious side edge using a parachute, after a series of all sorts of twists and turns in the air, and finally succeeded in landing on the soft grass not far!
In fact, just too much love Clementine Toucan mischief, he also quietly helped pick up the hat arabinonate back!

A sugar not only angry, but also forgave Clementine toucan, both because this naughty surprises made for friends!
An afternoon flight so cozy vignette draw down period!

[Paper tape ★ flight vignette - Rascal series] can be used in ......
♥ ♥ as a gift for friends
♥ own use ♥ (home company applies everywhere! Festooned with all kinds of articles of paper tape are super cute!)
♥ use on their own books (either decorative or collages are unique!) ♥
♥ ♥ Happy favorites at home
When the decorations are super cute ♥ ♥

✿ Product Features:

◎ small thinking hexagonal boxes, can be directly used as glue station use, the more sharp edges can cut out paper tape.
◎ special structure of the paper carton packaging, can be reused.
◎ Laser icon for the brand LOGO (image as an example, the actual purchase of goods brand based).

Best of exquisite gift ~ ♥ warmly recommend it to everyone

✿ Size:
Paper tape Size: Width 2cm, 15 ~ 20cm a cycle, length 10m
Contents: Three roll tape compositions having a continuous story of Sold

✿ Material:
Material: Japan and paper materials, pack 240 pounds of black card

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Taiwan Taiwan Design


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