"CANCER popular experiment" Camouflage Series - Tote

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cancer2009 ショップへ

"CANCER popular experiment" Camouflage Series - Tote


■ Brand
A favorite design, hand made and leather smell Cancer boy, with his hands stitch, sewing leather dream world. Each one is carefully selected leather, a small amount of the purchase. Each piece can expect to accompany your unique beauty. Even for a delicate construction method and reasonable price, so that everyone can enjoy the natural leather in life bring. From the design, a plate, cut pieces, sewing, photography to merchandise; all work independently, to bring the best of the completion of each step. Sometimes creative tradition, sometimes bold and a little bit boring show character, in every detail, see < Cancer > the blood flows, a very typical < Cancer > hands as brand - "CANCER popular experiment. " Welcomes you to savor.

■ Product Description
The use of leather and canvas mix and match.
10MM thick and comfortable grip handles.
Internal use camouflage to do with, although it is camouflage, there is silky smooth and shiny.
Like the conflict with gorgeous sense.

Leather interior window frame and inner zip pocket (Figure IV)
Bottom plus scrim do support, not easy due to place items and variants. There are 6 feet, nails, prevent wear. (Figure E)
Metal part / mostly to do with the use of pure brass.
Model height 180CM / weight 75KG (reference)
Handmade pieces / Pre
Sew to mention the more solid
■ Size
Bottom about 34X16CM / Bag height of about 30CM / bag width 42CM
Mention the high / about 12CM

■ Material
Leather / canvas

■ Use and maintenance methods
Leather should avoid spraying perfume, hand sanitizer and other alcoholic liquids or emulsions.
If you accidentally poured into the rain, with a dry cloth to wipe clean. & Lt; never in direct sun exposure >
Equipped with the best regular use, after To place the dust cover container in a ventilated and dry place.

■ Leather Description
Natural leather and because of different parts with wrinkles and growth pattern, due to sun exposure or sweat generated by change in color, but will not damage it, actually a kind of texture traces left by years.
Cattle in the growth process inevitably collided with cattle or other insect bites and so on, there are insects spots or scars are a natural condition.

■ Origin / Taiwan
■ manufacturing methods / personal independent operations (non-factory-style production)


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