Pink face face family clothing cool feeling function (L / XL

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Pink face face family clothing cool feeling function (L / XL


*** If the distribution of this product can not be bundled cold foreign agent

Sense of cool clothing design
Cool feeling special function type patent blended fabric combination, providing moisture absorption, circulation, regulate the evaporation will take three water retention function of skin in contact with the fabric several times higher than the average skin heat energy is transferred to the outer clothing with water vapor evaporated into the atmosphere fabric microporous structure will reduce the moisture evaporation rate of cryogenic sustainable clothes more than two hours to reach a long cool cool feeling effect

Clothes by the side of more absorbent breathable mesh breathable mesh better dissipate heat to the chest and belly the dog cool location and design of the fastest two chest pockets belly can increase the discharge refrigerant Paul strengthened cooling effect
Function type sense of cool clothes do not wet when ships can use year-round wear clothes

Sense of cool clothes Features

Balanced body temperature - the clothes themselves a sense of cool effects can be balanced by a sense of cool clothes cool temperature after the temperature instantly absorb moisture stimulate more cool feeling effect
Comfortable to wear - the special structure of water is not sticky, breathable material faster evaporation cooling
Health and Safety - guaranteed chemical free
Function lasting - a sense of cool clothes washing function long-term effective
Four Seasons can wear - function type sense of cool clothes do not wet clothes can also be used as general use

A sense of cool clothing use

1, 2 wet, wrung 3, 4. Shake wear then with cold agent cooling faster
Both a sense of cool clothes were bundled four cold-agent can be reused Oh!
** Time out to remember the damp clothes continued to increase the cooling effect of water to achieve a sense of cool

** Cooling faster small way: You can directly wet clothes out to the ice together in a refrigerator cooling effect is reinforced!

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Q-max comfort temperature detection
Every summer temperatures due to global warming, more and more, more and more clothing can increase or decrease the temperature of the material have been proffered. In addition to a sense of cool clothes can enhance their mental concentration outside, but also environmental best helper! This is true, in order to respond to these claims to be able to cool the material, and with JIS q-max temperature testing standards.
Detection method
q-max = momentary contact temperature (Touch Feeling of Warmth or Coolness / q-max) q-max is the maximum value for analog when it contacts the fabric, the skin surface instantly heat loss of the human body. Units per square centimeter of the Watt (w / cm2), said through a thermal effect detector test experimental method is tested like cloth, placed in the experimental metal plate 25 ℃, and then heated to a test board 35 ℃ by touching down on a vertical piece of cloth-like, through the instrument sensor recorded values to calculate the "instant heat loss amount" temperature, that is, q-max value. (Basically a machine simulated human body temperature, and then to the cloth after contact with the skin detect the temperature drops if the situation allows instant skin temperature drops, then it means that it is the function of a sense of cool!)
Test results
After detecting get q-max value, the greater the value the more cool feeling. Taiwan Textile Federation Club fix for q-max value is equal to or greater than 0.14 can only be called a sense of cool yarn. But the Japanese JIS regulations, when the q-max value reached 0.1 w / cm2 or more, will be able to give the skin the most comfortable feeling.
QBEQ sense of cool clothes q-max value of 0.104, to JIS standard, q-max 0.1 closer to its proper entity best digital infrared temperature test skin effect directly on the clothes to do with water temperature detection test results can make clothes more quickly reduce the temperature so QBEQ cool feeling effect more perfect performance clothing more functional
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Designed for law bucket cut version thoughtful design was fighting also have to wear clothes that fit, while other breeds tailored

9 plug mom beans 12KG wear L No.

S Number: Neck length 28 52 35 bust
M Number: Neck length 30 56 38 bust
L Number: Neck length 33 60 43 bust
XL Number: Neck length 36 64 46 bust

Wash: Do not bleach drying, please turn it over to hand wash
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade design


中国 (送料着払い)
マカオ (送料着払い)
マレーシア (送料着払い)
香港 (送料着払い)
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