My family has a small farm X Creative green square cans planting (dog group)


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  • * No photo fence
    * Canned size: canned eel market
    * Remember to inform designers jar want color
    * A dog group, ducklings group, turtle group, pig group, donkey group, the hedgehog group, the baby elephant group, baby green group, cow group (they enjoy sale)
    Because they can put a photo of quantitative restrictions, as many other groups put a few small animals for everyone Kanwo ~
    // // Origin and creative ideas
    3s garden from planting due to environmental canned creativity, will send a lovely succulents planted in the waste, coupled with life around a common decoration, creating a unique landscape of canned small. We hope to be able to love the idea was caring for living things through a little creative force, also encourage people to care for the earth's resources to beautify the home office environment.

    3s from creative market to sell now the Internet, has been keeping enthusiasm heart, serving favorite plant friends, hope this enthusiasm can also make you feel - but with more of their customer service, we need to be reminded Precautions want to buy friends transaction, in order to avoid causing misunderstanding each other's problems, and even affect the design of the museum because of misunderstanding the good image of ~

    The following is 3s to say ,, Please look carefully there are questions you can ask, designers will strive to serve everyone ^^

    Sold mode // //
    1)) all the buildings sold mainly in material package type, after receiving the required combination of their DIY, but if you want to be sure to ask the designers to assist the combination of 'Home Delivery' send.
    PS. The need to assist the designer in combination sure to take the initiative to inform !!! otherwise the material will be mailed package type ~

    2)), sending a combination of some of the works are not suitable, you can confirm with the designer to discuss Oh !!
    PS. Advised against sending a combination of work, you still want to send the designer a combination, if the delivery process because of a third party (Delivery company) loss of negligence
    Bad, please fill freight and plant costs, plant design museum can be re-send !!

    // // Packing and Shipping
    1)) freight contract can not send plants, so even though the shipping company's negligence will be no compensation, based on the reasons these costs are designer to
    Assume, of course, it must find a way to work the safe arrival of your hands
    BUT >>>>>
    Bare root succulents send fear away leaves, they must be carefully packaged, but could not full supervision, it is inevitable to ensure the correct delivery process, please forgive me !!
    (Drop leaf blades may apply baby do not lose)
    PS. Purchase amount of goods more than 1000 yuan, glass and other fragile items Delivery Send recommendation, because shop to shop to send specification can not compensate for bad shipping

    // // Plant Selection
    1)) of plant life, so even though it looks impossible, as the same species (like people), so designers will be particularly complex outside of your favorite plants, while in
    Also depends on the situation at the time when the ship picked with suitable and healthy plants to
    2)) on plant store photos for reference variety selection, plant random shipping, usually 4-5 beads (depending on the plant and the pot is with the principle of proportionality)

    // // Service
    1)) after receipt of goods found to have misuse (including plants damaged condition), please notify the designer to take pictures quickly, in order to facilitate the subsequent return
    2)), the definition of plant damage: plant crushed, broken, in the case falling twelve blades please please spare can own leaf hatch baby
    3)) is too important !! Note !!!
    Receipt of goods if there are questions, please unauthorized "contact the seller function" inside the station to leave a message, the designers will be immediately resolved, please do not use the evaluation through direct
    Know, you move your fingers moving very simple, but very hard to evaluate design museum cumulative defeat steal steal !!! defeat (sob requirements)

    Other // //
    1)) The design museum self-employed small businesses, there is no invoice or receipt of any kind!
    2)), a limited number of commodities, in accordance with the payment order will be shipped sequentially Oh !!
    3)) of the Design Hall Sent weekly rest holidays!
    4)) may go 3s garden fans on Facebook For more photographs of the works
    5)) to take care of when shipments are accompanied by step DIY instructions and please be assured!

    // // How to take care of succulents
    1. Like the sun, in order to avoid leggy plants weak
    2. Keep ventilated environment, due to hot can cause rot to death
    3. Do not over-watering, so as not to cause root suffocation sweltering
    4. If the infringement is insect insecticide diluted with water can be sprayed

    ~~~ Thank you for reading, if you like the design museum works, welcome to buy ~~~
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My family has a small farm X Creative green square cans planting (dog group)



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