| Good food machine | zero added without the burden of high-quality New Year souvenirs / 10 package - sesame peanut candy (crushed crispy)

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| Good food machine | zero added without the burden of high-quality New Year souvenirs / 10 package - sesame peanut candy (crushed crispy)


Taiwan good friend friendly little mouth Peanut nutrient-rich, is the only rich in Taiwan's nuts, But the habit of cultivating pesticide residues and toxin contamination is a matter of concern. We and the cloud forest 50 years old cake shop, the use of natural planted raw materials, adhere to the fresh tradition of the processing spirit, By re-promoting the peanut sugar, so that "friendly environment, friendly processing, healthy" naturally! 【Raw material hundred percent transparent】 ● organic peanut: tiger tail farm farm Wang Yuchang ten years of effort cultivation, do not apply fertilizer, no chemical, cherish health, friendly environment. (Chinese organic certification CA-09CAS017R01) ● non-toxic black sugar: South of Guan Shan Zhang Xibin hand-made, white sugar cane juice boiled for 5 hours, do not add other raw materials, and tested to ensure that no pesticide and heavy metal residues. ● pure trehalose: Japan Hayashibara original import, sweetness for the general 45% of the sugar, high temperature stability, excellent, can be retained in the process of cooking ingredients flavor. ● hand malt: North Hong Kong famous spread the old hand-made, to sprout three centimeters of malt mixed glutinous rice cooked for several hours, do not add sweet potato powder and other ingredients. ● proud day youth three elements 100% sunflower oil, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, no trans fat. ● Taiwan to produce black sesame seeds (less than when the use of Thai imports of sesame seeds) ● Main raw materials adhere to direct procurement of local crops in Taiwan, so that your direct feedback to the quality of farmers. Make a hundred percent transparent ● 50-year-old shop Cheung Mei cake shop second generation successor Li Zhongxian hand-made, 300 degrees high temperature baking peanuts, finished vacuum packaging. ● use of four procedures to prevent the toxin: low temperature 5 ℃ preservation → high temperature 300 ℃ baking → deoxidized packaging isolated oxygen → finished product does not contain toxin toxin. • Product ownership is shared with the producer to protect the rights of producers. / Weight / 200g ± 10g / bag / Ingredient / Natural agricultural peanuts, non-toxic black sugar, glutinous rice malt, trehalose, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil / Shelf life / 6 months (please set the shade or cold storage, to avoid the impact of high temperature taste. Kaifeng after eating as soon as possible) Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan Yunlin / handmade


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