Scapula bare V-neck knit sweater Scapula Cut Sweater

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Combination of clothing and sweaters sewn way, sewing a unique style of bare-knit clothing to match the combination of z



Scapula bare V-neck knit sweater Scapula Cut Sweater

商品説明 Combination of clothing and sweaters sewn way, sewing a unique style of bare-knit clothing to match the combination of zipper sleeve and threaded sweater collar details to create a scapular naked details, front and rear V-collar design allows clothing in the Individuality can also maintain the witty side of women; with a suit jacket to create a sense of richness of the visual level, the lower body to catch close jeans and ankle boots that can create a unique neutral neutral style. [colour]: Black Dark gray Lake Blue [Price]: 1,200 All GaryLin collection is no discount method, we will no longer waste time and time playing digital games, and will spend more time in the clothing design and development, and this is what I love, unless with Pinkoi specific activities, or clothing The price will not change, so you do not have to be afraid to buy it anymore; the only way we can offer discounts is to send us a VIP discount directly if you've ever bought our clothing and left a comment in Pinkoi For you :-) [Fabric Composition]: 50% Wool Wool / 50% Acrylic Acrylic [Fabric origin]: Taiwan system fabric [Thickness (thin / medium / thick)]: Medium [Flexible (None / Micro / Medium / Good)]: Medium [Suitable season]: spring, autumn and winter [Washing method]: Hand wash or clothes placed in the laundry bag to wash the washing machine Size Chart [Version (fit / general / loose)]: fit version -Size [M] Suitable for general wear S / M number of you Length 24.5 " Bust 31 " Waist 28 " Hem 34 " Collar width 10 " Collar deep 6.5 " Sleeve length 25.5 " Cuff circumference 7 " ************************************************** **************************** Model Model (photo size worn M) Height 175CM Bust 33 " Waist Waist 25 " Hip Hips 35 " [Custom Clothing Modification]: As long as the type of license, clothing can be based on your personal size to do some adjustments, and do not charge any fees; The number of working days is about three working days, if you need to change, please feel free to send a message to inform :-) [Return service]: Within seven days of receiving the goods, can enjoy the return within seven days, we sincerely hope that you can buy you really love and fit the clothing, but also if you have any questions before buying, you can ask us, We will reply detailed information to you, save your valuable time ^ _ ^ [Design]: Gary Lin [Clothing sewn origin]: aunt in the Great Taipei Lane Lane teacher (Taiwan system) [Production Quantity]: Approaching a small number of production methods ordered or proofing [About my brand idea] "Taipei will be a very close and diverse city where you can feel the strong humanity in the art book and literary rank Eslite Bookstore. Just across the street is the wine that is full of joy. Deep in the Taipei metropolis People can quickly switch their moods to pursue different emotions. Men and women who step out at the wee hours of the weekends and march toward the bookstore are not so much seeking their thirst for knowledge as they seek to calm their hearts in the night after releasing their pressure. "My inspiration is inspired by the unique cultural atmosphere and the wild and sexy environment of Taipei City. It is a strong contrast and asymmetry but it is so supple and harmonious."


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