German Werkhaus Animal Pen Holder - Tiger

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Made in Germany Award Design Stationery Furniture Brand Super simple DIY assembly, super practical storage capacity Cute


German Werkhaus Animal Pen Holder - Tiger

商品説明 Werkhaus Vierbeiner animal playpen, a cute quadruped animal model for creating fun on the desk. It is a mini tabletop version of a child play animal storage box. It uses only rubber rings, compresses synthetic wood and recycled paper, and is simple and environmentally friendly. The material, so that everyone can easily design with smart and strong links, DIY self-assembly. Convenient for storing all kinds of pens and other stationery items, it is the most pleasing healing stationery decoration on the desk or desk! Werkhaus has been established in Germany for more than 20 years, insisting on 100% manufacturing in Germany, making use of materials that can be recycled and can be decomposed by the environment to create simple, practical and colorful creative stationery and furniture furnishings, and pay attention to environmental protection in the manufacturing process. With the use of green energy, the product has won several design awards. The main material: green wood fiber board, rubber ring Finished product size: 14 x 9.5 x 15 cm Manufacturing: Germany Dannerberg and the German brand Werkhaus founded the couple. Twenty years ago, Mr. Dannenberg actually dreamed of organic farming. However, because he did not have farmland, he later established the Kaleidoscope company because he produced the universe's big kaleidoscope and created the Golden World record. Until 1992, the company Werkhaus was founded by Ms. Eva Dannenberg and began manufacturing optical toys, home decor gifts, and office stationery. "If it's crazy to say that simple things are very successful, then people should think we are crazy." This is an introductory statement that Werkhaus will appear in various public announcements. Indeed, only by using rubber rings, eco-friendly wood and recycled paper, these simple materials and simple DIY assembly methods can create a variety of attractive and design office and household stationery and furnishings. After reading the directory of Werkhaus, Really crazy! For more than two decades, Werkhaus has been praised for not only their unique rubber ring link design, but instead of using any glue or screws, they have used a simple wood-to-wood tie and a rubber ring as a fixture to design a variety of practical furniture. What is admirable is the various process concepts that they adhere to. Werkhaus pays great attention to the use of environmental protection and green energy in manufacturing processes and materials. The products are made in Germany and adhere to Made in Germany. The environmentally friendly wood fiberboard made by reclaiming the remaining wood is used as the main body of the product. Recycled paper is used with water-based non-toxic paint. Patterns are patterned, while rubber rings are important materials for fixing and forming. These materials can be decomposed or recycled without causing environmental burdens. The chips produced in the process are also recycled as factories. The energy of the plant, its plant electricity is from the "Greenpeace energy" renewable energy; and Werkhaus's products are sold, because it is the consumer to use the rubber ring's link design to self-assemble, so each product can be used Packed in a more compact way, it minimizes packaging materials and reflects the belief of green packaging. It is worth noting that not only does the social citizen's responsibility be emphasized in the product, Werkhaus insists that people with disabilities who come from different countries and account for 15% of the total number of employees work in the factory, and practice the social responsibility and humanitarian spirit of a successful company.


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