One excellent duo Mejia · Silver Retro Ring (silver snow) | Eudoxia

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One excellent duo Mejia · Silver Retro Ring (silver snow) | Eudoxia


Visible City · [design] Gifted duo Mejia up down the stretch expansion, there are curved around the alleys, steps, dead end, lodge, there is a carpet preserved, from which you can observe the true face of the city. At first glance, nothing like carpet design duo gifted Mejia, symmetrical pattern design, flower pattern repeated along the lines and curves, interwoven brilliant colored thread ... One of the city sky, "Invisible Cities" - 925 sterling silver / silver antique silver color options snow / width of 3mm / fixed ring around, please note size Visible City · [packaging] Gift pack includes / suede bag / warranty card / silver polishing cloth / Architecture blueprint texture packing bags [Visible City · Personal Trainer] For the love of metal craft, hoping to one-way teaching, so that students can absorb more in-depth discussion. There are single hall, basic courses (8), friends who are interested, please search FB: Visible City Inquire! Visible City · [US] with the We encourage guests to wear often through human sebum excellent protection for silver, it exudes naturally moist sheen. Packaging Enclosed silver polishing cloth, wipe making jewelry can restore luster. But bathing, hot springs should not wear, avoid chemical discoloration. Visible City · [inspiration] "Visible City original design inspiration from Yita Er Kaerweinuo" Invisible Cities ", the true presence, and in the real world city." Invisible Cities "is a by Kublai Khan dialogue with Marco Polo, introducing a number of fantasy, there is no real city. the book was an Italian traveler Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and the Western city, knowledge, technology, geography has a lot of curiosity, have made all the West he was extremely fascinated. therefore Kublai Khan, Marco Polo desire to continue to describe these various cities he had never been to satisfy their curiosity. " "Visible City creative themes to the city as architecture, which is derived from the operation of the emotional spirit of a city, under the framework of" building ", the" people "is the main operator. Even in the most chaotic generation, most dilapidated city, on break, wandering, courage, rebirth stories always attract people's attention, because we are convinced that deep down, people, the sense of not only fragile, but strong force ! " [Visible City · image ads] ? Learn more brands size of things Facebook Search: Visible City


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