Little Prince movie version of the authorized series - [all the way to follow] "Macbook Pro 15-inch special" crystal shell

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Little Prince movie version of the authorized series - [all the way to follow] "Macbook Pro 15-inch special" crystal shell


/ Product Description /
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Rest assured that the most distant distance
But from my left hand to your right hand
When we build up a relationship
Will be responsible for the love.
-------------------------------------------------- ------
[Classic masterpiece - little prince]
By the French writer St. Ai Xiu Bo in 1943 creation of children's literature short story "little prince", known as the "20th century French best books." It has been translated into nearly 260 languages and dialects, and has sold more than 200 million books to date, one of the world's best-selling books.
"Little Prince" is not just an ordinary book, it is a little boy extraordinary adventure story, rich in philosophy and poetic. This story has a timeless wisdom, it brings people to the message also crossed the age, culture and language, long and new.
[About Little Prince Movie]
Take us to explore the world's favorite classic story

The film by the "Kung Fu Panda" director Mark Oopson, combined with Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks top animation team, spent 8 years time and effort to successfully this world's best-selling classic works of the new adaptation, For the first time on the big screen.
In the film, the director in the form of 3D animation will be the original story in the play with a little girl's perspective, so that literature fusion in the film, to create new works, yet the original spirit. Which even with the freeze-frame animation techniques will be the original drawing yellow paper texture, watercolor paper-cut style faithfully presented, also caused the book enthusiastic resonance. Freeze-frame animation to minimal handmade texture and a lot of blank, not only the success of the original delivery of the essence, more of a sincere and touching artistic appeal, people fascinated. Classic story of the new touched, dedicated to all once a child of everyone "our little prince grew up?" Still happy "

Exclusive launch of the little prince movie version of the animated illustrations, a total of ten colorful crystal protection shell. Put on your Macbook dazzling colors and give full protection.
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**Free to disassemble Macbook case description video (front and rear cover)**
**Use the card to remove the Macbook case Description (front and rear cover)**

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