潼绫 记 记 挽 挽 挽 挽 挽 白 白 白 白 - - - natural white moonlight stone ore natural pearl brass hairpin hairpin hairpin

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The butterfly flies in the moonlight


潼绫 记 记 挽 挽 挽 挽 挽 白 白 白 白 - - - natural white moonlight stone ore natural pearl brass hairpin hairpin hairpin


Clip length is about 4.5*3 cm

Korean Brass Gold Plated Butterfly 20mm
Natural white moonlight stone ore 4mm
Natural pearl 4mm
Brass fittings

**Little flowers,**
**In the hair quietly in full bloom**
**Embellishment is a little pure**

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**◇◇◇◇◇◇ 潼绫 记 记 记**
**{White butterfly}**

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