Suddenly "key ring series" Little wreath - Something New

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Suddenly "key ring series" Little wreath - Something New


Small wreath key ring - Something New Taiwanese producers
Multiple color you accommodate me of Maximo Oliveros

Size Description:
Seeds / sandalwood / crystal width of about 4 ~ 6mm
** Key ring can be adjusted with the above!
** Choose their own unique key ring!
** Small wreath series can be symmetrical or diversification!

Material Description:
Garnet crystal
Silver wire Bodhi seed
Tridacna shell is
Black agate crystal
Coral grass seed
Lapis lazuli for the crystal
Turquoise ores
Grass Eichhornia Bodhi seed
Rose is sandalwood sandalwood
Foyan Bodhi seed
Tiger Eye is yellow crystal

Garnet genus chakra energy stone, the human blood circulation and hormone secretion have certain stimulation, beneficial to health. Can enhance the vitality, energy and stamina, with regenerative ability, beauty, beauty, rejuvenation effect. It can also strengthen a person's magnetic field, so as to form a good shield against negative energy approaching.

Silver wire Bodhi symbolic Apprentice career and family harmony.

Tridacna is a rare organic gems, jade white, also is a Buddhist holy. Tridacna Buddhist white is regarded as the most biosphere in white, pure treasure, carefully on behalf of non-staining, clean the solemn, always remind myself not to be troubled by the outside world, the white color is a symbol of all disaster exclusion barrier.

Black Onyx is a symbol of happiness crystal, have a happy and pleasant meaning.

Grass coral can detoxify, purify body and mind symbol.

Lapis is mainly grown in the United States, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Chile, Canada, Pakistan, India and Angola. Often wear can bless peace health, safety and health for the symbolic energy stone.

Turquoise sea and blue sky wizard, will give the expedition bring good fortune and good luck, good luck symbol.

Grass Eichhornia Bodhi is very rare fruit buds such as mesh, guidance bright place, thus leading to a bright symbol.

Rose red sandalwood mainly in India and Nepal, the Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture main material. Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's time, the emperor ordered to collect sandalwood Zheng various countries in order to highlight the prestige and dignity of the Ming Dynasty, in the modern symbolic meaning of women's dignity.

Livistona rotundifolia is Foyan Bodhi for rare fruit, intermediate irregular sized eyes, like the eyes of the Buddha, look at you, a symbol of pure feeling heart.

Yellow Tiger Eye can enhance energy, relieve fatigue, bring a good mood.

Use and maintenance of way:
Key ring rope wax rope, the earth-friendly material, you can change the color of wax rope!

Please do not use water! Remember to keep dry!

* Suddenly Moran offer lifetime warranty, a global service!
Works have any questions please contact us, we will provide free repairs and maintenance!

Looking back
Give yourself a simple mind
Give yourself a simple start
So pure thoughts
From the start from the heart

"Suddenly" is actually very simple, to regain his own original mind!
So magical secret power of seeds, seed-derived natural forces, the development of a spiritual values, the seeds have a unique meaning to create a symbol of the spirit. Modern engrossed camp and success in the pursuit of quality of life, but had forgotten the joy and contentment of mind.

Design concepts and ideas:
Through the original simple seeds and wood, with a crystal design, uphold the pure and sincere ideas, presenting both simple and plain design!

Ideas and Care:
DIY social welfare groups to do the teaching, so that social welfare groups on the new starting point for a better sharing of resources and the implementation of the concept of mind!

Brand was founded in 2015.3.13
Spinal Cord Injury Association and Taipei with DIY teaching
And Taipei Elim juvenile teaching academy with DIY

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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