[Xia Bo Mi Creative Silver] Chinese word jewelry - Great luck - 925 handmade creative silver necklace Spring Festival limited edition

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[Xia Bo Mi Creative Silver] Chinese word jewelry - Great luck - 925 handmade creative silver necklace Spring Festival limited edition


**Product description and story** Dagishian necklace from Chippam's unique Chinese word design, but also the Chinese people's Kaiyuan Tongbao coins outline, the name of the big fortune there is a movement of the joints, you can rotate the rotation with the Chinese people said the transshipment of the same , Different from the general brush writing using modern lines & grid lines show different design flavor. The big Chinese word necklace comes with an 18 "stainless steel necklace If you want to buy sterling silver necklace please contact the designer with 18-inch silver chain (need to increase 399nt) **Size** Dahlia word body length 15mm wide and 15mm thick 2mm Stainless steel necklace 18 inch 45.7cm **Material** 925 international standard silver 925 sterling silver **Work method** Traditional goldworking method **/ Use and maintenance mode /** 925 standard silver maintenance method is very simple, we use the jewelry attached to the grinding of bright bar use: first with green to remove the hole & oxidation of the surface until the foggy silver-like color, then you can change the white side Began to polished. You can also wipe with a silver cloth or wipe with a gold and silver paste to a soft cloth to keep the bright side of the bright, you can wash your hands will be bright, but do not use to wash the silver water (will erode the bright side but later easier to oxidize) To wipe the wrong way is to maintain the silver; usually do not wear when the folder into the folder bag can be isolated with air contact. **/ Included content /** Jewelry polished bright bar, sealed folder bags and fine air seal folder **/ The benefits of wearing silver /** Often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body toxins discharged. You will find: with silver bracelet or silver jewelry What are the benefits? With silver bracelets, when it is sick when it is gray, when the body is good on the bright. Silver contains silver ions, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is very good. In addition, the thermal conductivity of silver in all the metal is the most prominent, can quickly dissipate the blood vessels of the heat, this bright heat transfer performance quickly reduce the blood heat to prevent a variety of diseases have excellent efficacy. Silver also has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection performance, this discoloration is only the surface reaction, with toothpaste or drugs can be eliminated. Silver has a very good health effects, often wear silver can not only neutralize the body of toxic substances, but also can accelerate the wound healing, prevention and treatment of infection, and purification of water and preservative effect. Mongolian herdsmen like to use milk in full bloom. Modern scientific proof of silver flour flour, there is a scientific basis, because: A. into a very small amount of silver ions, can kill bacteria in milk to prevent milk deterioration B. with silverware in full bloom, can add the necessary silver elements C. silver easy to heat, milk cool fast D. The chemical nature of silver is stable and the silverware is durable This work will be handmade there will be a little asymmetry or some small potholes of the surface treatment, handmade silver goods contact with the air will begin to oxidize, but that is also a place where silver products are attractive some depression will be more and more Black wear more personality, if accepted in the purchase! Please find the FB above "Xia Baomi" master more diverse combinations of silver dolls Oh! Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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