Flower Puzzle - vegetable dyes cotton hand-woven silk dress stitching

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Flower Puzzle - vegetable dyes cotton hand-woven silk dress stitching


I turned this into a dress shy spring in your hands,
May you this birth and death, the eternal sung.
A little sad beautiful story:
When transformed into a girl to girl,
Try again and again
The vocabulary and emotions inherent to the world of knitting.
Prior to bloom like buds,
Shy and sweet,
Flexibility wait brewing blooming moment.
Regardless of the final can not readily bloom,
This fragile but strong journey
Has unparalleled beauty and power of this world.


I remember the first time in many wire feed touch to its experience,
Unlike the market a large number of breeding born Vietnamese and Chinese raw silk stiff,
This Pi cloth particularly rich vitality and toughness,
And thick hand gently twisting and dyeing plants,
Makes a pampered, there is a sense of joy to wake up in the hands of spring.
But the story behind but sigh,
Laos and Japan's large-scale cross-border cooperation "silk cover education plan" for five years,
Final match for global warming and ecological destruction and failed attacks in Laos in 2013.
Silkworm not long grown gradually elevated temperature and humidity uneven Laos,
The last batch of Laos remaining precious raw silk, is repeated many lives overlap from the precious heritage,
As if to tell, that have been able to return prosperity and rivers, woven wire, strands Rounuan distressed.
I turned this into a dress shy spring in your hands, you would like this birth and death, the eternal sung.

/ Level measurements (cm) /

Neckline wide 28
Shoulder F
Sleeve width 18
Bust 56
Length 91
Skirt width 65
One each side of the trunk pocket

⊕ size error within ± 2cm in the normal tolerance range ⊕

/ Material /

Cotton: Cotton Taiwan original embryo (machine production)
Color hand-woven natural silk dyeing: Lao silk / indigo / Jackfruit tree / Fu Wood / Kerria / Marigolds

/ Use and maintenance info /

Machine wash laundry bag can be placed

/ Designers and brand profile /

Yang Ga "in the local dialect Africa Kemai Long was" beautiful, beautiful "means.

From the individual to the physical and psychological impact of the global environment,
We understand and pay attention to each aspect of creation and production.

With the earth's treasure and enthusiasm,
Does not encourage mass production of circulation loss.
Featured Taiwanese cloth merchants-season inventory cloth,
Natural cotton material comfort and fun to work with African fabric,
Taiwan mom and dad family production,
Redesign interpretation. Gives clothing rich and delicate expression.

Each one will let the mood to wear colorful dance of joy ~ ~ I hope you will like our design ^^

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan


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