Paris*Le Bonheun. Lucky star 925 sterling silver. Silk wax line weaving lucky bracelet

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Silk wax thread or Japanese wax thread can be woven With 925 sterling silver stars, suitable for friends who don't l


Paris*Le Bonheun. Lucky star 925 sterling silver. Silk wax line weaving lucky bracelet


Paris*Le Bonheun. Lucky star 925 sterling silver. Silk wax line weaving lucky bracelet ●Color ● Variety (picture is silk wax weaving, color please ask Xiaobian) Japanese wax line please refer to ●Specifications ● (This is a custom-made hand-made, depending on the individual hand circumference!! And the length will be slightly wrong ~) ●The number of stock ● Customized payment. After the subscript remittance is made! ●Material ● 925 sterling silver jewelry. Silk wax line Please let us know the color you want before buying! Prices vary depending on the size of the sterling silver fittings. If the bracelet needs to be reduced, please let me know ^^ ●About 925 sterling silver ● The sterling silver jewelry will turn black because it forms a black silver sulfide with the sulfur dioxide in the air. When the silver surface is oxidized and blackened, the following maintenance methods can be used to restore the beautiful luster of silver. [Precautions for wearing silver jewelry] 1) After wearing the silver jewelry, it should be wiped with a soft cloth and placed in a zipper bag to avoid residual dirt or oxidative blackening due to contact with air. 2) Don't spray perfume directly on the silverware, it will change the color of the silver forever. It is recommended to spray the perfume first, then wait for 2 minutes before putting on the necklace or bracelet. 3) Don't wear silver swimming and hot springs. The chlorine in the pool will permanently discolor the silver. The hot springs are also sulfur. 4) Regular cleaning and wiping, Taiwan is relatively humid, silver is also easy to blacken, so the frequency of cleaning is in accordance with the blackening situation. [925 silverware maintenance method] 1) Wipe the silver cloth: Use a silver cloth to directly wipe the black/non-illuminated part of the silverware. Do not remove the silver cloth to clean/contact the water. If the silver cloth is blackened, it is still effective. Repeat until it is completely ineffective. (It is recommended to wear gloves before using silver cloth, because there is also chemical composition in the silver cloth. If you don't wear gloves, your hands will become rough.) 2) Wash the silver water: Put the silverware in the silver-washed water for about 1~2 minutes (depending on the degree of oxidation of the silverware), rinse it out with water, wipe it off, and then polish it with silver cloth. (Washing water can be reused many times until it becomes turbid, and it needs to be replaced. It is recommended to use silver washing water as little as possible. Because silver washing water is a chemical product, it is cleaned by the corrosiveness of the silver washing water itself. Long-term use will cause damage to silver jewelry) 3) Silver Lacquer: Shake well before use. Use a soft dry cloth to remove a small amount of silver cream to wipe the rust, then rinse with water and dry it to make the silver decoration brighter and attach the maintenance ingredients. 4) Toothpaste: If you do not have the silverware care products stated above, you can also use toothpaste to remove the blackened part of the silver, because the toothpaste contains "fluorine" which has the effect of removing silver oxide. It is used in the same way as silver jewelry. Wipe with toothpaste with a soft, damp cloth, rinse with water and dry, but highly polished and vulcanized products are not suitable for this method. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese hand made


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