Waist cut the asymmetrical collar knit dress Waist Drapping Sweater Dress

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Waist cut the asymmetrical collar knit dress Waist Drapping Sweater Dress


https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CMJUOMle9W8/UtY5OtkatfI/AAAAAAAALxg/40JjhOfjfPs/s900/facebook_banner6.jpg Asymmetric neckline design and the right shoulder bag shoulder design show women do emotional beginning, a lot of legislation to cut waist grasp fold and drape to create a layered yarn fabric, depicting women dare to challenge the traditional constraints of the face, waist between all the details set between women will point to express the characteristics of perseverance and the pursuit of perfection; [Color]: Black https://www.pinkoi.com/product/15mMVVZF Dark gray https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1AwKpz05 [Price]: 2,900 All GaryLin series of clothing taken without discount information, we will not waste time to time to play a numbers game, and will spend more time focused on the clothing design and development, this is what I love, except with Pinkoi specific events, or clothing prices will not change, you do not have to be afraid of overpaid; our only way to offer discounted back, as long as you have purchased our clothing and leave comments in Pinkoi in, Pinkoi the system will be sent directly to our VIP promotions to you :-) [Fabric ingredients]: 50% Wool Wool / 50% Acrylic Acrylic [Cloth Origin]: Fabric in Taiwan [Thickness (thin / medium / thick)]: in [Elastic (no / micro-bomb / medium / good)]: Medium [For the season]: spring, autumn and winter [Wash]: hand wash or laundry bag to put the clothes washing machine Size Chart [Version type (fit / general / liberal)]: fit version of type -Size [M] for general wear No. S / M number of your Length (left) 37 & quot; Length (right) 42.5 & quot; Bust 32 & quot; Waist 28 & quot; Hem 33 & quot; Collar outside width 11 & quot; Neck deep 4.5 & quot; Sleeve 25.5 & quot; Cuff around 7 & quot; ************************************************** **************************** Models Model (photo worn size M number) Height Height 175CM Bust Bust 33 & quot; Waist Waist 25 & quot; Hips Hips 35 & quot; [Clothing custom modification]: As long as the version licensed, clothing can be based on both a personal dimension u make some adjustments, not at any cost; About the number of days within three working days, subject to change demand, please feel free to send messages to inform :-) [Return service]: Within seven days of receipt of goods within both enjoy return within seven days, and we sincerely hope that you can buy u really love with the appropriate clothing, please before you buy if you have any questions, you can ask us all, We will reply detailed information to you, saving you valuable time ^ _ ^ [Design]: Gary Lin [Clothing sewn Origin]: Aunt master alleys between Taipei area (in Taiwan) [Production amount]: custom or approaching a small amount of production proofing https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JV91NR1-w_8/UtY5dNrzExI/AAAAAAAALx4/Y2QsHFiYseo/s900/01_Index.jpg [About my brand creative concept] "Taipei will be a very close but diverse city, you can feel the sense of deep cultural atmosphere full of art and literary temperament Eslite bookstore, just across the street, the bar is full of joy, depths of Taipei city People can be quickly converted to pursue different emotional mood, the weekend before dawn men and women stepped out of the bar, advancing towards the bookstore, not so much their thirst for knowledge, I would rather say that they after releasing the pressure, the night of the soul will seek peace " "My inspiration comes from the Taipei city's unique culture and wild sexy environment, a strong contrast with the asymmetry, and yet is so supple and harmonious"; https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-AhztkzW6fVY/UIaqOP2-hBI/AAAAAAAAKZg/SmCtmZHsEuc/s1000/AW121014_5.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-T0_15mqVbWI/UIap-1Z2eII/AAAAAAAAKZA/DFTNTRUytrE/s1000/AW121014_1.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-90h4Ca3p4kU/UIaqHW0Y3_I/AAAAAAAAKZQ/Fzei7Y77s9A/s1000AW121014_3.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-g8A459ur8Y8/UIaqIZlpS5I/AAAAAAAAKZY/IwnH_hRkWRs/s1000/AW121014_4.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-k9jmvoJdjRM/UIaqRwz9M7I/AAAAAAAAKZw/jZCVzUldW_k/s1000/AW121014_7.jpg


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