Fruit yield nubuck Derby earth yellow rubber-soled casual shoes

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Fruit yield nubuck Derby earth yellow rubber-soled casual shoes

**Gentle Shift hidden in moving gentleman details**
According to statistics, we have a day on average 40% of the time moving, commuting commuter or an occasional break from the coffee time. I remember a time when traveling abroad, watching the way men, dressed with some mature SMART CASUAL style, with a slight sense of casual shoes. Later it is understood that in foreign countries, especially mobile workers commuting time, will select a pair of shoes good activity. Appropriate dress plus confidence when walking, forming a moving elegance. The team wanted this elegant fruit to life, so we will ask the high degree been "shoes" reinterpreted; between the transfer, but also to see the hidden details in which a gentleman.
**feel the level polishing Derby leisure bring new visual focus**
In the original rubber-soled shoes-oriented, make improvements in the last head, increasing the space inside the shoe makes the shoe more rounded lines, but also makes mobility greatly enhanced, the other shoe outsole EVA interlayer thickened more durable. After discussion with the teacher, with new techniques, will nubuck toe and heel of the waxing polishing, so that the original elegance of the uppers have a different visual experience, dotted just right, so that post-treatment still want to retain the retro taste to Derby open shoes wing oriented, while reducing the burden of wearing the instep, increase comfort when moving. Wear-resistant rubber outsole with EVA interlayer, using multi-layer stack, pure plastic strengthen outsole durability, lightweight EVA interlayer addition to adding color, but also to go light and peace of mind every step.
**Modified shoe make wearing more upgrade**
Increased less space on both sides of the shoe oppression, and thick soles make the shoe more durable, while allowing the wearing experience more upgrades.
**feel throwing wax nubuck uppers**
From the first layer of cattle Bage Pi, also known as grinding leather, wax polishing by master, let suede generating gradient change, this is the first fruit and master new techniques to co-production, hoping to bring elegant casual shoes new visual focus.
**wear outsole EVA interlayer**
The use of higher purity rubber outsole made of plastic, increase durability soles; mezzanine section, select lightweight EVA material, except for the soles to add color, but also to walk more easily.
**choose a pair of adult sense of casual shoes to wear clothing style is natural and good activity**
Over time, we began to have choices in addition to sneakers, in line with their own style of dress, will become integrated into everyday outfit, basically always the best choice, like a white shirt, khaki pants, etc., but we always Accessories can be added in a timely manner, such as books, newspapers Plaid Beanie, gentleman briefcase, or will put on a suit jacket, increased thickness and adult sense of visual style. At this time, whether or earth yellow fog gray nubuck Derby shoes will be the good choice.
*"people in the dress, should increase with age and choose to wear them more relaxed way, so that fashion only natural, it can be said to be facing the leisure activity and strong style." Yataro Matsuura excerpt from "100 day"*
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan


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