Small happiness handmade jam / small grapefruit fruit wine / ★,: *: ‧ classic little strawberry fruit stuffed 88% off


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    Hot, impatient, cold soak a cup of tea the best!
    Honey and fruity, soft and sweet flavor cold soak!

    Jam stains pickles /
    Crisp fresh cabbage + seasonal fruits rich in passion fruit pickled pickles, frozen after a night more tasty, and back to the fields sweat of Auntie, let her stunning good!

    A cabbage, carrots short, half a red pepper, passion fruit 4
    Mirin 20cc, vinegar 100g, sugar 100g, sweet grapefruit jam 30g (or more depending on your preferences discretion) Salt to taste (removal of cabbage water)
    1. Wash the cabbage with bare hands to tear into small pieces, shredded carrots, sliced red pepper
    2. Sprinkle the salt cabbage and carrot mix in place two hours cabbage and other natural water
    3. squeeze a little bit out of the water drained marinated
    The sequence of all the fruits and mixed seasonings added
    5. Place seal and marinate at room temperature for at least one day to be tasty (hot weather can fridge)
    6. Refrigerate after tasty
    7. pick kept clean, the refrigerator can save about 10-14 days no problem

    PS in response to environmental protection - no small happiness handmade jam beautifully packaged gift boxes, gift time if needed please provide paper index [Note], Thanksgiving!

    Name small grapefruit apple fruit wine
    The shelf life of eight months
    Contents ingredient sweet grapefruit, passion fruit, apples, sugar, lemon
    Contents 300ml
    Names small happiness handmade jam
    Origin Tainan
    No food additive name
    Closed bottle day 2014.11.24
    ☆ citrus peel into the sauce will bring some much bitterness, happiness is actually very little like this with bitter sweet taste, people do not like the bitter taste Please consider carefully consider yo!

    About handmade jam [sweet]
    Hand jam in "Sugar" plays a preservative, coloring, add flavor ... like an important role, commercially available preservatives, colorings jam is entirely different flavor. The best way to taste handmade jam is soaked in tea, playing juice milk, add sugar-free yogurt ... little happiness to you is the most sincere, real materials in real jam, please be safe to eat.
    PS small happiness handmade jam fruit to sugar ratio of [1: 0.5 or 1: 0.6].

    We are used to eating commercially jam, first saw the little happiness handmade jam jar full of fruit (meat) friends all know from the start of the mile, the most commonly asked question is small happiness "jam toast coated in addition to things, how can you eat? "

    Here are a few small happiness the most common application method for your information -
    1. Small happy most commonly used in the jam after jam biscuit cake made of whipped cream or mixing roll sandwich (which is a favorite with the way small happiness).
    2. citrus marmalade small happiness like achievements bubble tea to drink, or cold or warm, tea fragrance most people feel relaxed.
    3. Small happiness like to add some milk or soy milk strawberry jam fragrant strawberries labeled bovine (beans) milk to drink.
    4. Eat together with a small spoonful of jam happiness manual is simple and plain yogurt to enjoy happiness.
    5. soda bread dipped in jam to eat, is the most relaxing way of eating.

    ~ Small happiness handmade jam ~
    Also welcome to offer their own unique way of eating oh
    One Mummy provides a way of eating pineapple fruit wine
    ☆ pineapple stuffed with fruit eating porridge ☆
    Interested persons may wish to Look Kanwo

    Fruit attractive, rich sauce
    ˙80% full fruit, you can eat the flesh plump
    ˙ picking fresh fruit made without the addition of artificial chemical ingredients
    ˙ completely natural pectin, do not add any and animal and plant gum

    Absolutely fresh fruit production
    Bottles and oven drying vapor sterilization
    Whether there are sure to Kaifeng Refrigerate

    Taste period 8 months
    Please kept refrigerated after opening and while fresh with complete
    Digging with a dry utensils when eating, avoid moisture entering

    Not just jam,
    I've always wanted to bring everyone, it is a dream, A temperature, a kind of happiness ...
    Unlimited mind (laughs).

    Thank God, thank you, let me find a little happiness.
    Thank you also for myself, trying to adhere to, the practice of flavor,
    Drunk plain little happiness.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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Small happiness handmade jam / small grapefruit fruit wine / ★,: *: ‧ classic little strawberry fruit stuffed 88% off


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