Suction cup of classic wonders upgrade section - Desktop double covered insulation mug (beige) Upgrade stainless steel liner

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Suction cup of classic wonders upgrade section - Desktop double covered insulation mug (beige) Upgrade stainless steel liner


[Not push down, easy to get] Magic sucker clutching the desktop, turn the cup unexpected to say goodbye! Handle with hand on vertical lift, safe easy to use suction cups odd! Suction cup of magical wonders, magic sucker clutching the desktop, turn the cup unexpected to say goodbye. [Design] Magic sucker technology enables glass not easily knocked over, the most suitable for young children at home or have your pet, and the fear turned wet cup important documents and computer office workers, using the suction cup of wonders, from the cup to turn troubled said Bai Bai! In line with the US Food and Drug Administration standards, the material safe for use at ease. Also containing hot drinks, double insulation and heat-resistant. Variety of colorful style, take your pick How convenient! Writing is the most reassuring office mug! Our brands - [odd] does not fall suction cup MIGHTY MUG by American design firm created the brand, the most important commodity is odd suction cup does not fall, it just came off the United States, Europe, Japan and other advanced countries craze. Clever magic sucker design, is the world's only able to grab the desktop, they do not push not hit down the mug, and home office desk is absolutely most needed and most trusted good partner! MIGHTY MUG commodity uphold American design, made in Taiwan, superior quality features and world-class worthy of your trust. Features easy to use, intuitive operation, to bring you a better experience! ★ 470ml large capacity, there is not commercially 350ml mug ★ double covered, the insulation effect more points! ★ lid design makes it easy to hook the tea bag, use more easily! ★ cup designed to increase cleaning easier, not dirty bottoms. ★ high temperature, non-toxic P.P material, the use of more peace of mind! ★ varied colors, the colors decorate your everyday life. [Product Specifications] Material: cover, inner cup -PP (heat resistance temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃) The outer cup -PS / bottom sucker -TPR / ring - Silicone Color: red, blue, green, blue, orange, purple, black, purple, beige, matte stainless steel Capacity: 16 oz (470c.c). Packaging: 610mm (L) x420mm (W) x600mm (H) [Instructions] Please use neutral detergent or warm water before use. After cleaning, place the lids and cups separately placed dry. When handling the cup, please 90 degrees vertically and gently picked up: Avoid other angle pick, deadlift, so as to avoid damage to the handle and the chassis.   [Cleaning instructions] 1. The product is placed upside down on a flat surface. 2. Squeeze the snap at the middle of the suction cup. 3. Squeeze pulled up at the same time, the inner and outer cup separation. Do not use chlorine bleach 4. cleaning, abrasive or aggressive cleaning chemicals. 5. When assembling the first cup into the outer cup, tabs align latch at the same time pushed back until "a click" sound. [Note] * The first time you use, please put the elastic rubber elastic around the chassis 7-10 times. In case of flexible plastic chassis deformation, repeat the above action, can be restored. * Avoid product damage, please be careful when assembling or dismantling. * Do not use the dish dryer, cutlery dryers and other cleaning products themselves. * Do not place children can easily pick up place. * Do not go near heaters or gas stoves and other sources of ignition, avoid cup discoloration, deformation. * Do not use the microwave, so as to avoid danger. * Do not use more than 2.2 kg (5lb) power impact, so as to avoid falling and cup body chassis rupture. * When using the stainless steel cup, do not install more than stainless steel parts water to avoid puddles occur. The following condition will suck odd cup "temporary" loss of adsorption function 1. Desktop or plane when there is dirty or uneven pit. 2. The flexible plastic chassis dirty or have sand. 3. flexible plastic chassis deformation. Workaround: Keep Desktop / plane / flexible plastic chassis, wipe clean with a damp cloth. In case of elastic deformation of rubber-soled, please turn back the prototype, or still on a flat surface to restore about one day. [Service] Warranty Period: Goods case of major defects, a replacement can be updated within seven days. Warranty coverage: New major flaws or damage in transit. (Man-made damage is not limited to the warranty) Origin: Taiwan Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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