Island ‧ brass crystal beads bracelet

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Special blue-green with gray pearl color, just as in the sky overlooking the island and the sea gradually, can not tell



Island ‧ brass crystal beads bracelet


**:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Before buying please read the following information and design shop Trading Policy :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::** **‧ Size Measurement ‧** ※ Do not directly provide other places marked hand circumference centimeter or bracelet, bracelet size, or visual, memory in the hand circumference custom. The measurement method of each design museum is different, the amount of goods ornaments, wear (buckle-head, elastic rope or with or without extension chain), the size of the calculation are different. It is also troublesome to actually re-measure in the following manner, provide us your measured hand circumference centimeters, and note the loose centimeter you wish to reserve. __※ If the size is optional, please contact the designer before ordering.__ __**hand circumference measurement method:**__ 1. Design Hall are measured by the ring measurements cents, can measure the amount of leather measurements, such as the absence of paper tape can be cut a piece of paper about 1.5cm width of the paper, after the lap to measure the length of the ruler can be. 2. Do not use wire or rope measurement, because of its thin material, soft, easy to measure measured smaller than the actual size. 3. Measurement, to 0 cm as a starting point to measure, easy to measure the level of peace, without the tape or paper pull too tight or too loose. 4. The measuring tool flat stick hand bone (round convex Department) at the back of the benchmark, you can measure the hand circumference circle centimeters. 5. Coupled with the reserved loose, generally reserved for about 1 ~ 2cm! Measured in this manner, Reserved 1 cm: more fit, but will be less convenient to buckle! Reserved 1.5 cm: more moderate, there is a little finger ring width! Reserved 2 cm: more relaxed, will easily move the swing! ※ It is recommended to reserve at least loose 1.5 cm will be more convenient to wear Oh. 6. You can grab measuring tape and other measuring tools, before and after the move to see to see will not be too loose or too tight, the hands hanging down, the tape will not fall off the wrist as a benchmark. 7. We will be in accordance with the data you provide, the total length of the finished product is calculated from the buckle opening to the O-ring at the end of the tail. __**EX: The hand circumference measured by the above measurement method is 14.5 cm + 1.5 cm = 16 cm reserved, which is the order size: the length of the buckle head to the end of the O-ring buckle: 16 cm. (And so on)**__ **‧ Pre-order Notes ‧** 1. The goods are ordered after the order, and in accordance with the size of the buyer to provide custom. Please read carefully before ordering the size measurement, and carefully confirm the size of your choice correct, no stock or stock available for size returned. 2. Dispatch, gift products Please read the order before the order and delivery of goods work days, or prior to placing an order with the designer. Please do not inform us until the payment is made to avoid inability to ship immediately. 3. Some accessories more goods, will be customized due to the size of different accessories arrangement will be slightly different. 4. Product images due to shooting light or screen resolution slightly different, can accept the next set Oh! 5. To avoid the collision of goods in the process of delivery, the goods will be wrapped in multi-layer anti-collision bubble paper when shipping. To promote environmental protection, you can remark "Easy Packaging" in your order, But how much or will use non-environmentally friendly packaging materials, please understand that we hope that the goods are delivered to customers when the hands are intact. 6. If you have other questions, you can also press the right hand side of the "contact designer" to ask questions of the goods, we will reply as soon as possible! **‧ Material ‧** Plating alloy metal, Japanese beads, brass beads, Swarovski crystal **‧Maintenance** Plating alloy, brass material will be different due to the way we wear (ex: sweat pH, environmental humidity) and chemical substances (ex: hand creams, cosmetics, skin care products, sunscreen, perfume, bleach, Detergents), etc., resulting in the status of oxidation, it is recommended not to contact chemicals for a long time to avoid excessive wear and tear can not be restored. It is recommended daily after wearing, clean with cotton cloth, wipe sweat, body fat and chemical residues. When not wearing, put it into the zipper bag that we sent it to you, and change the zipper bag regularly. For a long time to wear a slight oxidation of the situation, with a toothbrush dipped in a little toothpaste and water brush can be restored. The degree of oxidation of jewelry according to the wearer's usual habits may be, such as the normal maintenance, jewelry to maintain a relatively long time Jinliang. Not accustomed to remove the jewelry, but with a bath or exposure to chemical products, will speed up the rate of jewelry oxidation. **‧ Origin, manufacturing method ‧** Made in Taiwan / handmade


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