Cointreau -i6 / i6S PLUS leather back cover of the phone - camel

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Cointreau -i6 / i6S PLUS leather back cover of the phone - camel


Cointreau Cointreau • Full leather cell phone holster • 5.5-inch size iPHONE (Free tegmental Goods Sold only in FIG neck strap, which was a schematic diagram of the context) Back cover itself has a decorative metal, metallic alcohol concentration in contrast Cointreau up to 40%, the metal ring may add a wristband, strap ... and other accessories, is widely used as the characteristic types of cooking liquor, cocktail in two-color overlapping place, also have a small ingenuity, there can be small discharge side of the card function, one-in-a practical back cover. / Operate and maintain / Long-term use of high-quality leather surface, it is inevitable there will be minor injuries, Can by hand leather care oil or grease the tiny scar fade. When the leather if accidentally caught in the rain or touches the water, immediately with a dry cloth After the drops of water drying, air drying can be placed shade. / Designers and brand profile / enepic en / epic Leather material rich layers deep, Mature bears a unique charm; as time goes on, Leather color even more delicate and full, as permanent epic epic spread; enepic expectations of our brand products can be like a classic epic, Permanent lips and accompanied by deep historical heart buckle. Leather thick texture and stunning natural aroma deeply touched us, This will move into thoughtful design and function of delicate hand warm. Strict selection of imported leather, exquisite materials and strict manufacturing processes, careful selection; Studies repeatedly, showing excellent leather appearance, the baptism of the unique leather products. enepic emphasize the good natural leather itself, Each works fine with the designer's ingenuity and human duty, After deduction of the time, the leather will fit each other with the user, Your use of irrigation, accumulated a unique leather products mature appearance. About ivicase ivicase sub-brand for the enepic With a lively mix of innovative design, leather escape the established moderate calm; Bright, saturated color on color, cut technical feeling cold 3C products. Science and technology to create a special spark, peripheral products and leather material. / Handmade / natural materials / Handmade leather products there may be slight differences in the nature of the original skin scars, wrinkles texture, leather is a normal phenomenon. Warranty: new flaws, unconditional renewal Maintenance Warranty: leather off a large area, the degumming, buying returned to the factory within a month maintenance. (This warranty does not guarantee due to accident, abuse, misuse, improper use or unauthorized repair and modification, Damage caused. For the average normal wear and tear for minor surface damage caused by the product warranty does not burden the responsibility. ) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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