People and Animals Physics - Bunny Rabbit / 2014 / phone case

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illustrator / Currently barely



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People and Animals Physics - Bunny Rabbit / 2014 / phone case


Bunny learned civilization, wearing a suit to pick up the whip, but began to bully lessons of brutal uncivilized bunny.

illustrator / Currently barely

In 1985, with graphic painting as the main creative form, in 2012, he began to make comics with "barely present" status. Its contents originated from various kinds of desires in real life and tried to turn it into a measurable perception structure , And concentrated into a period of bizarre simple narrative. With "Do you think I am humorous?" Self-expectations, looking forward to create the highest black humor. He has solo exhibitions in Taoyuan just light and shadow, Taipei South Sea Art Gallery, Taiwan Tainan Xin Yi and other performances space, creation won the 2011 New Taipei Creative Award, 2008 Taoyuan Creative Award and other awards. Independent Publication 2012 Ice Age, 2013 Illustrated Book, 2013 Escape, 2014 Hunting Culture Publishes "Escape - Comics That Look Like You". Now living and working in Taoyuan, Taipei.


wearPractice art project1. ROUND 3

▴ art project 1 series of products for the next set of independent production, production time is about 4-7 working days, a full range of products for the hand-made, slight differences in the image angle ± 2mm is a normal phenomenon.
▴ art project 1 Series By wearPractice Extend the horizon of life with the help of cross-border collaborations in the arts, photography, music or designer.
▴ This mobile phone protector adopts foreign 3D printing technology, the mobile phone side of the complete coverage of the image, the protective shell itself has some toughness for easy removal, feel and texture are high standards, can be completely close to the phone, it is recommended not to use the envelope Better.
▴ wearPractice art project 1. Phone case series of products are left and up, including the headset jack, PA speakers, charging interface, power button and other non-coated area, the phone's four corners are all coated.
(Some models can also provide customized full-coated matte soft shell selection, but the process and the plastic shell on this page is different, please another letter to ask.)
▴ Real photos are taken by a standard light source, will be as close as possible to the entity and the original image, refer to the actual product photos are closer. Different light sources, including natural light, general fluorescent lamps and light sources under the yellow light, may cause different perceptions of the color difference of the product images. In addition, the color of the drawing may also vary according to the computer screen, the cell phone screen and the brightness of each person. Goods are based on real products, will not accept the slight color difference, and the reasons for the imagination of the return requirements, please consider clearly confirm the acceptable after the re-ordering.
We are very happy to solve the problem of consumers. If there are any problems, we welcome the message to us and we will do our best to assist. However, if we give an emotional evaluation without any communication, we would be sorry to say that we will give an equal reply.


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