Pretenders / [food] mistakenly series digital meter box painting (high textured canvas)

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Pretenders / [food] mistakenly series digital meter box painting (high textured canvas)


[Fresh] error
Misled Food

Remember as a child, often hear a lot of strange food name it?
, Pretenders, Fort tycoon, plum pigs, three cups of chicken, meatball, cupcakes, tarts,
The name of the food is really listen to the name, really can not imagine his appearance.

Pretenders, do is jump off the wall with the Buddha relevant?
Fort Tycoon is a tycoon in Hamburg tucked it?
Plum pig is a pig with deer looks like it?
Lionhead, restaurant can eat a lion's head? ... Asked me for a few - terrible Ah!

Food not end on the table, I think we must all continue to guess its appearance in the brain bar.
Share look with joy, but also enjoy a meal in the process of it.

Today, I want a taste of that imagination had to convert interesting food name into an image, the image painting by way let us recall that when the first face of these unknown food, interesting fresh feeling.

Misled Food It is always interesting to see how they name the dishes in Chinese culture, for examples, the dish called "Buddha Jumps over the Wall" was really just a soup. And "Lion Head" has totally nothing to do with a lion. In Chinese culture, they prefer to name a dish by its look or the process of making it. Those unique names often confuse or mislead people before the dishes come out, but in the other hand, giving out more imaginations and joy. People might keep guessing what exactly the dishes look like and eager to see them on table, thus creating an interesting dining experience.
Pretenders Buddha Jumps over the Wall
Fort tycoon hot dog
Plum pig pork picnic shouder roast
Three cups of chicken Three cups of chickens
Cupcakes cupcakes
Tart egg tart

Works Size: 53X45.5cm (thickness: 5cm).
High quality canvas art digital printing each piece as the pictures are on the table in a wooden frame.
PS: the use of light wood, so the use of hooks to hang on the wall 3M Europe
PS: Colour pictures or because of different screen resolution and a slight drop.


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