Cypress Natural Soy Candle - Natural Soybean x Pure Essential Oil x Smokeless

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Silk cypress has anti-spasmodic and soothing effects, can also relieve muscle soreness or rheumatoid arthritis, relieve



Cypress Natural Soy Candle - Natural Soybean x Pure Essential Oil x Smokeless


▲ cypress effect: Cypress has anti-mite and soothing effects, improving cough, bronchitis, whooping cough and asthma caused by influenza, and also relieves muscle soreness or rheumatoid arthritis and relieves varicose veins. It can converge and soothe the skin, regulate oil secretion, tighten pores, and is the best choice for moisturizing. It is effective for menstrual problems, such as premenstrual syndrome and menopausal side effects, and is effective for varicose veins. Cypress is extremely beneficial to the reproductive system, especially for female endocrine problems, which can alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, such as facial flushing, hormonal imbalance, irritability and other symptoms. Pregnant women are not suitable. ******************** ▲ Garden No.5 small flower cloth handkerchief scented candle series ▲ Name: small flower cloth handkerchief cypress soy candle ▲ Material: cypress essential oil + soy candle + white ceramic enamel + small flower handkerchief ▲ Size: ceramic container - 80mm x 80 mm / floral handkerchief - 530mm x 530mm ▲ Burning time: about 57 hours each ▲ A total of 7 fragrance flavors: lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, grapefruit, cypress, sandalwood, orange blossom ******************** ✤ Small cloth handkerchief series is a simple and has seven different fragrance flavors to choose from. The ceramic container can be used as a small accessory box and the small cloth handkerchief can also be used as a daily carry. The candle itself will emit a little scent without burning. 大豆 Soy Wax is a natural renewable resource✤ It is extracted from natural soybeans. In 1992, Michael Richards invented the natural and environmentally friendly alternative to beeswax. It is completely free of toxins contained in general petrochemical waxes. It is a plant wax made from soybeans made in the United States. Naturally, it can be naturally decomposed. ******************** ✤ Advantages of soy wax✤ //Environmental concept Natural ingredients, pure and non-toxic, can be completely burned, no black smoke will not produce toxic gas of paraffin, safe and environmentally friendly //Wax liquid can be used as hand cream We use a good quality 100% natural soy wax moisturizing degree, moisturizing, easy to let the skin absorb, plus the wax itself is not high temperature (about 38-43 ° C) is an excellent and natural hand cream. // Burning time increases Each square soy candle can burn for about 20 hours, and the burning time is 30~50% longer than the general paraffin wax. // Purify the air and have a good deodorizing effect By igniting the soy candle, you can easily remove the unpleasant smell in the house (smoke or musty...etc.) // rich in soy lecithin and isoflavones Phospholipids help repair damaged cell membranes, help normalize cell structure and ensure that human metabolism goes smoothly. Soy isoflavones are natural hormones that have a whitening effect. // Ideal home furnishings After unpacking, it will emit a fresh fragrance without burning. ****************** \ Precautions/ • Do not place in a place where children or animals come into contact. • Do not place in a place exposed directly by the sun. • Keep the candle about 5mm. • Try not to burn for more than 3 hours. Origin / manufacturing methods Korea ➙Our Garden No.5 In addition to the all-natural soy candle, there is another small store in Pinkoi - Muffël Store. ➙Our sterling silver jewelry is all 925 sterling silver materials and mostly handmade. Welcome to the Muffël Store to find your favorite sterling silver ornaments. Since the volume of each item is not much, please ask for the shipping time before purchasing. ♥ MUFFëL design concept ♥ I like simple but also want to have beautiful things that are different from others, the preference for jewelry, the beauty and texture of the elements, the ordinary and plain can also be dressed with different tastes. Then you can't lose the embellishment of the jewelry, add a little color to the troubled life, make life a little warmer, a little more joy, a little more love. It is what we hope for every woman to find the jewelry that she wants. ♥ Merry-Go-Around 旋转 It can be interpreted as a carousel for children's playgrounds, but in our concept it can be said that “happy” surrounds you every day. We hope that this joy will be sent to each of you along with our jewelry and will accompany you every day. Please do more skills :)


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