[Dance] summer tea | natural farming :: honey tea 25g * 3pcs

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[Dance] summer tea | natural farming :: honey tea 25g * 3pcs


Ba No. tea honey tea
Origin: Oolong - Hualien Maizuru big leaf Oolong
Contents: loose tea
Weight: 25g
Tea kinds: big leaf Oolong
Best tasting period: Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Boat Festival made (Summer)
Tea color: bright crimson
Shape of tea: cord type
Taste Bouquet: bold, cheerful, lively taste smooth after taste with honey aroma, fruit acids, baked sweet potatoes Tea and incense
Baking Level: Light Huohou fully fermented black tea

Before and after the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival each year to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Maizuru platform leafhopper breeding is extremely dense, leafhopper sap-sucking (with saliva) within the tea flush leaf tea from the body's defense system, immediately exudes a strong fragrance or honey, entice increase the amount of small wasp, spider mites and other small leafhopper predators to protect its tea buds suck sap from eating, tea ability to heal itself, causing the blade to "tea polyphenolic" increased activity and "tea tannins" in plus remain leafhopper's saliva had been bitten on the tea, then after fermentation production, produce a unique honey. Tea Tang Chengming bright deep red (amber), natural honey and ripe fruit flavor, unique floral honey in his mouth glycol easy to read. In order to increase the chances of insect bites, honey tea without spilling pesticides, tea cicadas create non-toxic natural symbiosis of tea, in order to improve the quality of tea.

Taste the world of band

Honey tea leafhopper bites need to be made available, so during the growth of tea, completely non-spraying pesticides, is a natural ecological tea, 4 pounds of buds can only make 1 kg of finished product, non-toxic natural. Unlike Oriental Beauty tea, the tea honey tea made blanching step is omitted, to retain the natural enzymes and natural pectin, there are not other tea bitter Shang Wei, Shang Wei, trace enzymes help the body metabolism and enhance environmental protection .

Before a new quarterly production of tea, will be sent to SGS, in Taiwan, Japan, the EU and national standards do 426 pesticide residue test, test reports made to become a tea dance ‧ (SGS] company is internationally recognized professional neutrality certification bodies)
‧ Inspection: By no pesticide residue test items SGS426
‧ of the best tasting: each batch of tea is different, ask before ordering the station to welcome the message through Oh!

**Tea*mug thermal bubble method **
1. dried access teaspoon dry tea 4g
2. Fill the hot water in the mug 300ml
3. Wait 5 minutes after drinking

**Tea*teapot kung fu bubble method **
1. Prepare a teapot 150ml
2 teaspoon dried access loose tea tea 6g
3. After implantation boiling water cooling to 90 ° C
4. Soaking time: 1 minute soak first / second foam 0.5 minutes / 1 minute soak third / fourth clock bubble 1.5 / V soak for 2 minutes.

* Cold Cold tea brewing kettle
1. dried access teaspoon dry tea 3g 2. injection of cold water at room temperature in a 600ml 3. refrigerated container 4 to 8 hours, and serve

Tasting opportunity
Tea for breakfast, afternoon tea, any time of the day, whether cold soak summer, autumn and winter thermal bubble kung fu bubble

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Hualien Maizuru


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