cuttie rabbit plush white feather bracelet bracelet (white pearl)


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    **Exclusive original handmade jewelry custom Japanese**&**girl Meng line style**!!140844054.jpg!!140844054.gif
    Do not know why after picture upload good fuzzy, try opening the big picture to see the (large image blurs) ...
    I will try to kind of ... absolutely beautiful! Videos of Oh below

    All items are cash shop a few solitary, please contact me before making, due to the special nature of the material, hand-made jewelry, only this one, sold out, do not fill

    **Dream Snow**

    Dimensions: as shown

    Material: White turkey feather and glass imitation pearls

    Exclusive original design products & only this one
    The price of a pair of oh ~ 💗
    This also pink, super cute, come buy!!!140844054.gif
    **| Videos of |**
    model: Billy miss my family
    | Bargain shop |
    Where to buy OUR goods namely were presented with a small gift, you can sort by price and find the shop photographed
    Because the system required to fill in the price, at least CN1 yuan
    Oh, do not shoot them, limited gifts, and only one each, first-served basis
    We can also look at the bonus commodities, limited release, each only one, value

    We all ear hook and ear clip can be selected for the baby of your own, there is no decisive change pierced ear clip oh, if you want to replace, you need to pay CN2 yuan, and the first wife does not come with Oh, the kids need this service despite I find that regular store ~~~ optional golden ear pads with hook and painless ear clip
    No pierced ears? Have pierced ears? NO PROBLEM!

    Free heart, pick your favorite

    Ear clip with the pain of imitation pads, wearing unloading solid convenient for long-term wear!!140844054.gif_620x10000.jpg
    Special Note: After express transportation squeeze, | wool goods | after proper hand shook, conditions permitting, you can use a hair dryer to blow cold air will become fluffy.
    | Fabric commodities | soft, easily deformed hand after kneading can be appropriately restored.

    | Hairball | If dirty, cold water is available to the general detergent, do not soak. Squeezed water after cleaning the dry, fluffy after restoration with a hair dryer cold wind.
    | Fabric Jewelry | best not to wash, so as not to damage the fabric effect is difficult to recover.
    | Simulation, metals, ceramics, rubbers jewelry |
    Oxidation is relatively less affected, is very sensitive to sweat, chemicals and the like.
    If you want to take good care of your baby, please cook in the laundry, sweat, wash, promptly remove the personal jewelry when bathing, taking care not to touch the chemicals, water with a soft cloth in a timely manner, please do not wear when after a soft cloth into the jewelry box to prevent oxidation becomes old.
    Avoid jewelry worn during exercise, avoid jewelry due to friction caused by the collision damage fracture surface, precious stones shedding happens.
    To avoid the jewelry touches chemical composition caused by impact plating jewelry luster, it is recommended to begin after dressing wear jewelry.
    When off, remove them as much as possible each piece of jewelry are spaced to hold, in order to avoid collision scratch the surface, harm luster.!!140844054.gif
    **Shopping Notes**

    | About Delivery |
    International shipping a bit complicated, International set the price for the first weight 1kg price SF official website, such as more than 1kg Shipment according to the official website rescheduled.
    Therefore, the proposed purchase of more than before and I communicate it, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding ~
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shipping default SF mainland default 10RMB (rhyme tact, etc.). Please consult other countries.
    Usually photographed payment within two days after the issue, amateur business, please understand.

    | About color |
    Shopkeeper pictures are taken in kind, but the time and place outdoor photo light is unpredictable and different computer display contrast, little chromatic aberration is inevitable, the owner has tried its best to restore.

    | About Size |
    With reference to FIG wear, handmade products is difficult to measure specific dimensions, the size of some of the goods will be described.

    | About goods |
    Picture real shot, WYSIWYG, handmade products have hand signs, the production process is the owner of mix and match depending on the material selection, unpredictability.
    Traces part of handmade jewelry using antique parts to be years, partly to do the old retro accessories, there are problems of communication, handmade jewelry can not afford to express twists and turns, IFB, but also hope to understand.
    Each owner ornaments are devoted inspiration and thoughts, after a lot of time concept made of, made interest margin, the occasional new, and only this one.

    | About handmade custom |
    Special reasons due to material goods are sold solitary, some of the goods to accept differences in custom, customizable merchandise will be marked.
    Specific contact the owner.
    Time-consuming because of customized services, without sincerity is not disturbing.
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    handmade in The People's Republic of China
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cuttie rabbit plush white feather bracelet bracelet (white pearl)

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